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What We Ate and The Grocery Shopping

Our dinner plans this past week included a 10 lb. ham that I cooked. We had ham and salad or veggies three nights.

Sunday night we had grilled steak with mushrooms and mashed cauliflower. Half of that steak got eaten for breakfast the next morning.  I made Spanish rice for Hubby to have with his. One night we had a Chef’s salad.  Friday night we went out to dinner with friends.

Last night I made Egg Roll in a Bowl.  We loved this but since it makes a lot we will be eating it for two more dinners. 

Breakfasts were ham and eggs, Canadian bacon and eggs, steak and eggs, and for our family breakfast on Saturday we had scrambled eggs, chicken breakfast sausage, and green grapes. Hubby did have ham salad on Ritz crackers for one of his brunches. I get these breakfast sausage at Aldi’s and we love them.

I did a lot of grocery shopping this past week. I went to both Walmart and Top’s. I am stocking on some things for when my grandchildren come to visit and for a trip later in the summer plus things we needed. 

The 2 pizzas, 5 boxes of ice cream bars, Tostitos, and popcorn are for Hubby and the grandchildren. The Skinny Pop, Diet Snapple, and little snack items are for our trip. The Snapple was on sale B1G1F. The 2nd one isn’t pictured because I dropped it when I was trying to set up the picture. Crash and I could hear glass breaking. What a mess I had in my kitchen. But after it was all cleaned up, we had only 3 bottles that broke.

The gallon of milk was only $ 1.49 at Walmart which was a nice surprise. The salads were on B1G1F plus one had a reduced price sticker and will get eaten today. I needed the 2 coleslaw for the recipe last night and for Hubby to make himself some coleslaw. He loves it. The corn on the cob were only $ .10 an ear so I bought 2 for Hubby. 

The crackers are something new I am trying. They are low carb and would be good with hummus on them. The root beer was free after coupon and it made Hubby very happy.

I needed the green onions, sweet onion, rice vinegar, and ground turkey to make the Egg Roll in a Bowl.

The bacon bits, eggs, mustard, cheeses, celery, Softsoap refill, deodorant and light bulb were all badly needed. 

I spent $ 78.96 at Top’s and $57.98 at Walmart. I also found a cute top for me at Walmart. I am finally done with shopping for this size. When I lose more weight and need clothes again, I will sell all that I have purchased recently.

Have you gotten any good deals this past week? How much is a gallon of milk where you live? I am wondering if this is a fluke or a sign that milk prices are coming down. Please feel free to comment and share with us.  

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Glad you tried the Eggroll in a Bowl! In addition to the recommended toppings, I top ours with peanuts & sriracha. Yum! My carb needing 13 year old puts his eggroll into a tortilla and adds cheese, so that's how we adjust for him. 🙂

My only good deals are discounted protein packs (can't remember their name, but they have jerky, nuts, etc) that are in little travel sizes. I wanted to make some for our road trip, as the prepackaged kind are so expensive. I ended up finding them at Rite Aid for 75% off, so they were each about $.50. Great deal. I'm guessing that's about even with making it myself, so bought the already pre-portioned kind for travel. Normally I make it myself to avoid extra plastic/packaging & waste.

Thanks for the tip on the toppings. Your boys probably need those carbs with all the sports they play.

Nice job on getting those discounted proteins. I purchased some snack slim jims on Amazon for out trips.

Hi AD, this is Chris. The egg roll in a bowl looks delicious and thanks for sharing the recipe for us to try also. And, thank you for the recommendation on the Aldi chicken sausage, I will look for it next time I am there.

I wanted to let you know we tried a new product this past week that we both thought was good. It is one of the Dole Slawsome kits that you can buy in the produce section at the grocery. I bought the Fiesta Lime variety and it had a nice flavor, we both thought it would be perfect for fish or shrimp tacos. I am going to buy some more later in the week so we can try them over the weekend.

Finally, I wanted to say that milk where we live in Ohio is 2.99 at our Kroger, but you can buy it for 1.48/gal at Meijer or Aldi, so I have been buying it there. Half the price is worth an extra trip when I am in the area.

Hi Chris,

You are welcome.

Thanks for telling me about the Slawsome kits. I have not seen them in our store yet but will keep looking. Hubby would love them.It would be great with fish or shrimp.

Thanks for sharing your prices on the milk. I was just shocked when I got it for $1.49. I haven't seen a price this low in the 9 years we have lived here.

I have read your blog for years, rarely comment, but always learn something. We live in Ohio – but my son just got a new job in the Buffalo area, and they just moved there. I feel from reading all these years, I have ideas of where to shop, etc. They feel things are at least 10% higher in the area. I feel like I know a little and can help my daughter in law with shopping, she is a fairly frugal shopper. We will be visiting a lot. LOL Thanks for all you do.

Hi Meg,

Well thank you so much for commenting. I wish your son and his wife good luck living in Buffalo. Top's is not cheap unless you buy on sale. Wegman's has better prices if there is one close to him. Mine is 30 minutes away. Aldi's and Walmart are very reasonable. Price Rite has good deals once in a while. Enjoy Buffalo when you visit them. It is so beautiful down by the Lake in the summer and there always seems to be something going on at Canalside.

I have to drink a2milk. It is on sale this week–1/2 gallon is $3.50, so $7/gallon. It is the only way I can drink milk. Otherwise, I am in misery.

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