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What We Ate and The Grocery Shopping

Here is our grocery shopping from the past week. We needed SF jello desperately. It is my one sweet treat that I have for a snack once in a while. So I stocked up while it was on sale. The SF cool whip is for the jello. Hubby does not like it with out it.

Tomatoes, a red onion, a cucumber, and romaine were needed for our salads. The roasting veggie mix I have never purchased before so we will see if we like it. The broccoli florets I love roasted with a little olive oil and garlic powder.

Hubby requested the sausage. He loves to put it in his omelet with sauteed onion. 

The Canadian bacon is for my breakfasts. Hubby likes regular bacon which I already have.  

I love Laughing Cow Cheese. I eat a wedge with 5 turkey pepperoni for lunch once in a while.

All of this came to a total of $ 46.79. 

This past week’s meals consisted of salmon and roasted brussel sprouts for two dinners. This is my plate. Right after I took the picture, I cut the salmon in half and saved that half to warm up for the next night.

One night we had taco salads.  

Two nights we had chicken. The first night I roasted it and the second night we had sandwiches. Hubby had his on a roll and I had a lettuce wrap. With the roast chicken, I made Hubby some stuffing, gravy and corn. I had mashed cauliflower. 

The other two nights we had Chef’s salads.

Brunch, lunches, or breakfasts consist of sandwiches, egg omelets, and egg salad on crackers for Hubby. Mine consisted of small salads, scrambled eggs or a hard boiled egg and some Canadian bacon. Some days we only eat two meals and some we eat three. It depends on how hungry we are and our schedule. 

My snacks have consisted of SF jello, pepperoni and cheese, sliced cucumbers, popcorn( once a week), cucumbers dipped in hummus, and sliced peppers.

I am finding my diet so easy and simple. Most days it takes very little hands on in the kitchen and I am loving that. I have now lost 36 pounds. That and new clothes is my incentive to keep going.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Wow, 36 lb is a lot. It took me a year to lose 35. I buy the Laughing Cow cheese also and eat it with Triscuit crackers and apples. I am guessing you can't have the crackers, though. I bought a couple of whole chickens yesterday so hubby can cook them on the smoker this weekend.

Hi Chris,

Thanks. Your weight loss is an inspiration to me too! It has taken me 14 and 1/2 weeks to lose this. Your snack sounds delish! No I can't have the crackers. I love smoked food. Set me a place at your table!!!!!!!!!!

Good for you sticking to this plan!
we’ve been eating simple and I like it. We eat whole chickens and chef salad often.
I was doing WW, which got me on track. Now I am just counting calories on my Fitbit app and walking. The Fitbit app is simpler and no monthly cost.
I’m down 16 – Yea us!

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks! Yeah for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a MiFit and I am loving it. I bet you feel better with that weight off. I know I do. I sure don't feel 71, almost 72.

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