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Ten Things We Don’t Spend Money On

Ten things we don’t spend money on:

1) We have never purchased an extended warranty. In 50+ years we have never had anything happen which would have been paid by that warranty. If you research well when you buy something, chances are that it will not fall apart for a long, long time.

2) We do not buy top of the line appliances. We have always purchased mid range and they have served us well.

3) We do not use premium gasoline in our car. 90% of the cars in America do not need premium gas. It is a waste of money if you are putting it in your car and you don’t need it.

4) We don’t rent movies. We have plenty to watch on cable, Amazon Prime, and cheap Hulu: $.99 a month for a year. I went to my first movie in 11 years last summer so that is not something we regularly spend on either. 

5) We don’t purchase music and  never purchase fiction books. The library has plenty we can borrow.

6) We don’t purchase magazines. We have just one subscription for Hubby and it is a gift to him each year from his son.

7) We don’t buy video games.  

8) I won’t spend money at a nail salon. I give manicures and pedicures to myself.

9) We don’t spend money on coffee outside of our home. If we want coffee while driving, we make and bring our own.

10) We have never spent money on bank fees. We do business with a credit union that does not charge us even for their ATM’s. 

I am very curious as to what you don’t spend money on. Please leave a comment and share with all of us. Perhaps we can each learn from you.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Good topic today. Some of the things you mentioned, we don't spend on those either, or only spend occasionally. Here are a few things I thought of:

1. Cable TV, had it shut off last year
2. Land line phone, we gave that up when we moved
3. Hubby's haircuts, I have been cutting his hair for many years now with clippers.
4. Amazon Prime, we don't shop at Amazon enough to make it worth it.
5. Streaming services, we just watch antenna TV.
6. Checks, I just was in the bank last week and we qualify for an account with free checks now, I was happy about that.
7. Lawn service, hubby does this.
8. Oil changes and some repairs for our cars, hubby does.

I know some of these may change as we age. I am also interested to see what other things the readers think of.

Hi Chris,

It's great to hear from you. I wish Hubby wouldn't love cable so much. I don't watch it. We also get free checks. I love it. Thanks for sharing your great list!

I don't purchase water when I am out and about. I always take my insulated cup filled with water with me. Also, don't purchase individual "cokes" when I am out. Sometimes I do take along a small cooler with me with a frozen ice bag inside and a "coke". Penny S.

Great list!
We have never purchased a new car, we only buy used cars.
We have paid off our credit card balances each month for many years so we don't pay interest or fees.

Hi Do not use fabric softener use white vinegar. Cut laundry detergent down to 1 Tbl. Most of the things on your list are what we do also. Also very little cleaning product use microfiber cloths 90% of the time. have good day. Joyce

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