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Frugal Things In The Past Few Weeks

We have done a few things frugally in the past few

Our SUV just turned 6 years old. It is in excellent condition and we want to keep it that way. We have less than 30,000 miles on it. We had quite a bit of snow this winter so it went to the car wash a lot to get the grime and salt off. Salt causes rust and we do not want any of that. The car wash costs $10. for the Works. Every time we get it washed, they give us a receipt. If you save 5 receipts, you get a free wash.
Hubby used 5 of them last week to get a free wash. And I have 5 more to use next time. Once it warms up here and we turn the outside water back on, we will wash our own car. 

We have been cooking all of our meals from scratch here at home using fresh ingredients that we purchase as cheaply as possible. We have been watching our portions and making sure that we get the nutrients that we need each day. Overeating wastes money and causes us to be unhealthy.

Our weight scale was old and Hubby was sure that it was inaccurate. I researched the best ones. They ranged anywhere in price from $15.00 up to $ 190. dollars. I bought the one for $19.99 which was highly rated. It is working well for us. I didn’t need an expensive one that worked with your computer and phone.

Last year we hemmed and hawed over renewing our B.J.’s membership. I didn’t but then they caught us with a year for $25. It was a mistake. I only did two shops all year and most of that time was used checking prices. With a year’s worth of careful research, I have determined that I can get the same prices and a lot of the time cheaper prices using Amazon, Walmart, Target, and meat sales at the regular supermarkets. A lot of prices were higher also and quantities are so big that our little family of 2 has trouble using such quantities. So when our membership was up the end of March, I did not renew it and will not be renewing it.

Our faucet cartridge died in our kitchen faucet. Hubby had a terrible time getting the screw out so that he could replace the cartridge but he kept at it and after an hour and a half, he was able to take it apart. Meanwhile, I went to the hardware stores in search of a new cartridge. Home Depot was the only one that had one in stock. The price at $20. was outrageous. But I had no choice but to buy it since we would have no water for a few days while I ordered one. And I was not about to go without water in the kitchen for an hour let alone a few days. While Hubby installed it, I found the same one at Amazon for $ 13.71. I ordered one to have a spare here the next time this happens. This guarantees that we will have one cheaper or that it will never give up the ghost again. Either way that works! 

I have almost emptied our last refill for our soap dispensers. Rather than buy more refills, we will refill with shampoo. I have a ton of shampoo that I got free that will work just as well.

I have been weeding out food from our basement storage pantry that we will never eat and donating it to the food pantry. I have been organizing it as I do this.

Since our winter electric and natural gas bills have been so high this winter, we have been really careful to turn off lights, use cold water washes, and use small appliances for cooking. Our last bill was $40.  less than the one before. Because this winter was so cold and snowy, I have not been able to determine if our back storm door is helping lower the bills. But we are hoping it is. If nothing else, it will be nice to have fresh air in the morning room and kitchen once the temps go up. 

I filled up the SUV with gasoline getting $.50 off a gallon using Top’s points. 

It is amazing how when you take the car in to get something done, they try to sell you something else. Hubby took the SUV in for a recall and the dealer told him he needed new brakes. He took the car in to get the snow tires taken off and the regular ones put back on. They told him that we needed a battery. Hubby has scheduled an appointment at our trusted garage who always fixes our SUV. Our car needs to be inspected in April. We will let them tell us if we need those things. If we need a battery, Hubby will buy one and install it himself saving us the labor. If we need brakes, my son said he will install them for us or if the garage’s price isn’t too costly we may get them done there. 

I have decided not to plant any vegetables again this year. Niagara Produce has such great prices on local veggies and fruits that it isn’t worth my time and effort. Plus I have no space to grow the amounts we will be using. 

That is about all that I can thing of right now. I will have to get back to keeping a list so that I don’t forget to tell you everything.

Please leave a comment and share with all of us what you have been doing frugally lately.  

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We've been doing our normal stuff mostly: line drying most of our clothes, making meals at home, using up leftovers & freezer/pantry items, driving our electric car & charging it for free at work, etc. I also used a gift card for a lunch, & used an Uber gift card at work. I'll be reimbursed for it, and when I bought it, it came with a $5-10 reward. Can't remember months later, but it definitely had a reward of sorts. 🙂

I also found $20 on the ground at a work conference, so that was a win

i won't pay for a costco membership for the same reason. If I do need something I know I can get there less expensive, I go with a friend.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I have been doing the usual things we frugal people do to save money. Hubby and I have needed new tennis shoes and he needed a couple of new bathing suits to take our granddaughter to swimming lessons. Got all at Kohls on good sales and then used the Kohls cash each time to get a few clothing items for this summer for our granddaughter. I was especially excited today that I got 4 little short sets for $19.xx including sales tax after all my discounts/Kohls cash. She will be able to wear them to daycare and my daughter wont't have to worry if one of them gets ruined b/c I didn't pay much for them. I will wrap them up for my granddaughter's third birthday later this month.

We do still have our Costco membership. Hubby and I talked about it, and it made sense to keep it for now, b/c we take our kids if they want to go also, and it is a time we can have together with them. We are careful what we buy there, and try not to get caught up in buying a lot of things we don't need. We bought a 21st century TV at Costco when they were on sale around the time of the super bowl, they had the lowest price of what we were looking for by about $50. We will re-evaluate the membership when hubby retires.

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