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How We Did On Our January Goals

We did pretty well on our January goals. Some are coming along slower than others. Some are rapidly progressing. Here is how we have done:

– Clearance shopping- I only bought some bagged salad. There is not much clearance in the stores right now.

– We have been buying a lot less junk food. We haven’t gotten rid of it all yet. Super Bowl Sunday we had some dips and chips, chicken wings and baked potato skins.

– We are reusing all of the plastic bags that come into our home. I keep them in empty Kleenex boxes. I have a large stockpile at this point. The reason is that we recycle everything that we can, use the garbage disposal for food, and donate so we have very little garbage. The microwave installers were nice enough to take the old microwave and all of the packaging for the new one.

– Our net worth increased from January 1st to February 1st by $7200. which was savings from December and January even though we paid our hefty property tax bill. So we feel good about that. We are well on the way to having the best savings year yet.

– We have not been going to the gym since I am preparing for surgery and that is keeping us quite busy.

– I have lost 4 lbs. this month.

– I have been doing great staying away from the Microsoft Solitaire. I played just twice.

– I am steadily working on organizing our photos.

– I have not been watching any news. I look at the news once a day online. We will watch the President’s State of the Union tonight.

– I have been spontaneously blogging which is helping me organize my time for projects and appointments.

– We only spent $ 139.02 of our $300. budget this month. We have been eating from our stockpile.

I am hoping for a good month in February also. 

It has been a hectic month around here even though we haven’t gone out much. I always hate January and February because it is so dreary and cold.

Please share with us how you have been doing on your 2019 goals by leaving a comment.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. The goals I had for Jan were mostly realized. After we paid off the mortgage, we set up an automatic payment to max out our Roth IRAs this year. I still need to go to the bank and set up the automatic payment to a savings account for our property taxes. The meeting I had scheduled last Fri didn't happen b/c of the unexpected snowfall we got. I was able to pay our bills the end of Jan ok from cash flowing them, including the hotel rooms from Christmas that were not a planned expense. I am still trying to figure out how much to put in savings every month on top of the sinking funds and retirement savings. This month I put 10% of our take home pay in it. I did ok with not over spending for groceries or other things.

Hi Chris,

You have done great! You paid off your mortgage so early and have set up the other accounts to dump money into. Yeah on putting in 10%.

Used cash for groceries
Paid for water softener installation
Paid off 25% of 401K loan(I will have this 5 year loan paid in 1)
Paid off Care Credit
NEEDS spending only has been a huge success

Y’all did great!
We are doing OK on our goals. Our main one is to increase our local savings accounts and that is happening.
We were having almost spring like weather but full blown winter is here now, so I’m staying inside.

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