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A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Well, what have we been up to the last couple of weeks?  We have been hiding in the house except to go to Doctor’s appointments, one trip to the grocery store and to shop for an appliance. It has been freezing cold here and we have been dealing with one storm that dumped 18.5 inches of snow on us and it seems to have snowed every night since. Lake effect seems to be in full force. When is Spring going to get here?

My almost nine year old microwave bit the dust about a week ago. We had our local repair people come out to look at it on Thursday at the same time the cable people came to deal with an issue.  Dan, the repair man, determined that the magnetron was dead. So it is going to be taken out. After paying $86. for the service call, he told us that the new magnetron, service call for the repair, and taking out the old one and installing the new one would be over $300. We said no. It wasn’t worth putting that into a 9 year old microwave.

So Hubby and I went shopping and purchased a new one which will be installed sometime this week. It cost a lot more than the repair but it is new.  I never really thought I would miss a microwave but it seemed like I have needed it a lot. I don’t like heating up leftovers on the stove or in the toaster oven. I was also extremely happy that we have funds tucked away for appliance replacements so we didn’t have to think twice about buying a new one.

On Thursday, I finally went to the grocery store after not going almost two weeks. I am very thankful for my stockpile. We needed a few things since we are going on the South Beach Diet. So I picked up some fresh vegetables, Canadian bacon, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Sprays, Smart Balance, egg beaters, mozzarella sticks, shrimp, and frozen spinach. My total bill came to $ 46.00. So after picking up some sausage a while ago and this bill, I have $160.98 left of my $300. grocery budget for the rest of January. It really does pay to stay home and not grocery shop. Since I will not be going shopping until a week from next Tuesday, the leftover money will be used in February. I will just get enough money at the bank to bring the grocery budget back up to $300.

We got a pleasant surprise yesterday. We were figuring our electric and gas bill was going to be extremely high because of the temperatures being below zero to about 20 here the last couple of weeks. So we were ready for a $250. to $260. monthly bill.  Our bill was $ 221.22. It was $15.21 less than the same bill last year even though it has been a lot colder and even though there has been a rate increase during that year. We used 100 less KWH and 50 less therms of gas. So being diligent about conserving has again paid off. 

So many times, I have told you that it pays off to take the time to write companies. Well look what I got in the mail a few days ago from Chobani. They sent these because I e-mailed them to tell them how much I love their yogurt. Not only did they send seven coupons but they sent a beautiful Thank You note for taking the time to write them.

Other than these things, we have just been cleaning, cooking, watching some movies, and playing cards. Nothing really exciting.
This is what we do in the winter when we are stuck in the house.

My son and West are coming to visit and have breakfast this morning. We have not seen them in a while because of the snow.
West’s birthday was last weekend and I still have his gift sitting here. He is going to love it even though it is a week late. I can’t believe that he is 9 already.  

I really am missing my son, DIL, and granddaughter. I wish that the airline would start up the flights to where they live again. It would be so easy to jump on a plane for 45 minutes and go visit. It beats driving in this weather. 

I hope you are all well and staying out of the cold if you are up north. Hopefully spring will be here in a couple of months.

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That sounds very cold! I've been traveling a lot for work, so haven't really gotten much done around the house. But, I continue to work on decluttering photos (both digitally & print), which has been a good project for me. I also uncovered a few things I can sell on eBay yesterday, when I went through a closet on my photo project.

Hi AD, this is Chris. WOW! you guys got a lot of snow! I am so glad to see you and hubby are ok. I can't believe West is 9 already! I remember from your other blog when he was tiny. I sent you an email recently, check your spam. LOL! We are all fine here. Our son is here this morning helping my hubby install a new TV on the wall in our living room. We took advantage of the Super Bowl sales on TVs this time of year and got a 21st century TV at Costco. We are finally getting rid of our last old style TV with the converter box. We did not get the "latest and greatest" model, but did get one that is a smart TV. It is smarter than we are. LOL!

It does really pay to stay out of the grocery store. Not going in to buy diet coke has really helped our budget this month. You don't buy what you don't see. Every bill we have has gone up this last few months and now our house went up about $60.00 due to a new school levy. So I have to find other ways to make it up.

Hi Out My Window,

I am saving a fortune in Diet Coke now that I don't drink it anymore. I wish I could Hubby to stop drinking it although he does not drink nearly as much as used to. So sorry on your bills going up. They always seem to go up so was delighted with the electric bill.

I feel like we are "stuck in the house" also, due to cold weather or snow/ice. Today is going to be warmer, so I will be running some errands. Not getting too much accomplished this month, still working on my New Years resolutions. (working on creating a list, not even keeping them yet!) Once in a while I do manage to get a decent amount of sleep, and then I feel better. Wow, I sound like a curmudgeon don't I? maybe a day out will help, haha.

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