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Saved A Bit Of Energy Yesterday

Right now I am in getting prepared for Thanksgiving mode. Shopping for our dinner, finishing up Christmas gifts, and getting the house ready to receive my family is what is what I am working on.

Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen. The reason I picked the kitchen was because it is the room I hate cleaning the most. Usually I clean it last. But this time I reversed things. It’s easy to keep it clean on a day to day basis. However the grease and grime from all of the cooking builds up so quickly. 

So I scrubbed the stove top and the outside of the stove.

Every year about this time, I run the self cleaning function to clean my oven. I hate using that function because it takes 6 hours at very high heat. It majorly increases my electric bill when I do it. 

Knowing that we use small appliances a lot to save on energy, I assessed whether the oven needed to be cleaned using the self cleaning function. The oven really was not that dirty. So I proceeded to wipe out the entire oven with dish soap and water. It cleaned up very well with a little elbow grease. I was ecstatic that I saved all of that electricity. 

My stove top is now immaculate. That is not a stain that you see in the front of it. It is the overhead light with a reflection. All in all the oven and the stove top are in great shape for being almost 9 years old. 

While I was at it I cleaned the toaster oven. 

Next I did the microwave. To do that I just put a cup of vinegar and water into it and set it for 3 minutes. When I take it out the inside wipes out easily. 

Lastly I cleaned the outside of the dishwasher. The inside had been cleaned a week or so ago. 

Everything else (like the refrigerator) is kept clean on a daily basis. Hubby will clean and polish the hardwood floors in a week or so.

It feels good to know that the kitchen is super clean and that I saved 6 hours of electricity while doing it. 

I have started my Christmas shopping but I have a lot more to do. 

Today is senior citizen discount day at Top’s so I plan on doing some shopping for the food I need for our Thanksgiving dinner and other meals while my family is here. I might as well get it at a 6% discount.

Lastly, don’t forget to vote today. It is one of the most important things you can do. 

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I meant to say I am too terrified of my house going up in flames using the self-cleaning function. I just don't clean it…just kidding. I do wipe it out.

I’m deep cleaning my kitchen today too. The self clean cycle is running on the top oven, ours is gas and right now, natural gas is low priced.
I’m using Orange Glo on the outer cabinets and really like how well it works and it smells good too.

Hi Rhonda,

Yeah on cleaning the oven. I have never used Orange Glo and never heard of it. I will have to watch for a coupon and try it out. I love the orange smell to.

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