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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all! I hope your children have a safe fun day. I always loved Halloween when I had children of my own. I loved decorating, sewing costumes, enjoyed all of the children’s costumes who came to my door, etc. I still do. I especially love the really little ones who come with their parents. I have purchased the little boxes of animal crackers as a treat for the little ones ( 2 year olds) on my street who will be coming this year. I think it is better than giving them candy.

But my favorite part of Halloween is the day after when many stores put their Halloween candy on sale at 50% or more. Our candy supply has dwindled since Valentine’s Day and Easter. It is time to replenish it. I put the discounted candy in my freezer to use for cakes and cookies and other desserts during the year. I buy mostly chocolates, M&M’s and Reese’s pieces. Then I buy other candies to have here for my grandchildren when they visit as a treat.

I know some people who wait to buy the candy at deep discount like 75 to 90% off. But I find that most of the candy in this area is wiped out at 50%. I can also usually get what I want if I go early in the morning. I have a really early dentist appointment tomorrow so I will be shopping right afterwards.

But candy is not the only thing that gets discounted. Many people purchase costumes for their children for next year. This is a smart thing to do if you don’t sew their costumes.

At the market and Walmart, I will be looking for discounted Halloween cake mixes, cookies, frostings, pumpkin cupcake paper wrappers, paper napkins, etc. I look at things that are Halloween themed. I will be pulling any coupons that I can use today.

If you have a graduate this coming June and are having a party, look for discounted black paper plates, cups, and napkins. etc.

Over the years I have used ECB’s at CVS, coupons at AC Moore, Rite Aid, Top’s, Dollar General, Ollie’s, and Big Lots to get the discounted candy, etc. Michael’s and Pier 1 are great places to get discounted decorations.

I have known people who buy pumpkins cheap to bake and freeze in portions. 

Just think outside of the box for things that you can use during the year at a discount. I know I like to save money on some of these things and I am sure most of you readers like to also.

What are some of the things that you have purchased at a great price after Halloween?  Please feel free to share in comments.

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Over the years I have bought lots of the same things. Mostly, I like the decorations and paper products. I really like to get the orange and purple strings of lights. The black paper goods are great for an "over the hill" party if that is what you are doing. I love Halloween! That is when I took the picture on my Halloween post.

One year at Target I found a 9×13 cake pan with a cover and a Christmas themed box of cake mix and frosting in the pan. On 12/26 it was 50% off. I'm still using the cake pan, ten years later!

I won’t go looking for bargain candy, our waistlines sure don’t need it.
2 years ago, I bought a cart full of 75% off Superhero and assorted girl Halloween costumes. Our grands still love to play in them and they have held up surprisingly well.
But I bought so many, I have no reason to look for more.

About other seasonal clearance, our Walmart had their garden things on deep clearance last week. I got all kinds of garden foods and such, big bags- for $1 and $2 each. They will be stored in husbands workshop until spring when he gardens again.

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