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Grocery Challenge Last Week

As you read in a prior post, I am doing a grocery challenge for the month of September. We are eating out of our stockpile and spending no more than $ 25. for the week on necessities.

We needed milk. I have been drinking a lot of it lately and we use it to cook. Top’s had it for $ 1.59 after store coupon. The half gallon of creamer was $ 2.53, the breakfast sausage were $ 1.50 a package,  and the tomatoes were $ 1.98 a lb. at Walmart.

We were down to our last quart of creamer so we desperately needed this. We are very low on breakfast meats so when I spotted this, I purchased one for breakfast this morning and one for a future Sunday breakfast. I have never paid less than $2.50- $3.00 for a package recently. So this price was a bargain. The tomatoes which ending up costing $ 5.21 were the cheapest that Walmart had and we needed them for salads. So our grand total for the week was $12.33 which is $12.67 under budget. The leftover money will be rolled into next week in case I see a rock bottom price on something that we can stockpile. 

Last night was “clean out the produce drawer” in our home. We made quite a dent in it. Hubby, who sometimes is my resident Chef, made Chef’s salads. I had leftover chicken on mine from a whole chicken I cooked recently. Hubby had ham. Mine looks good even without the Catalina dressing on it yet.

After our family breakfast today, which will be eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls, I will make homemade chicken soup using the chicken carcass. It will taste good on a cold day like today. 

Those of you who are joining in on the Grocery Challenge, feel free to tell us how you did in the comments.

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. I was able to keep to my $40 this week. I went to Meijer to get my milk and eggs since it is cheaper. I also got produce at Meijer and Kroger. Kroger is having a sale on peanut butter, so I am considering getting a few extra for my stockpile, but will check to see how many I have before I decide. It only goes on sale for the lowest price a few times a year and our little granddaughter eats it almost every week she is here. Grapes, peaches and strawberries were the fruits on sale this week so that is what I bought. I didn't buy any meat since we still have a lot. Hubby is working out of town for part of this week, so I will eat leftovers and what I have here, and not go out to eat while he is gone.

Hi Chris,

You did a great job this past week. I always keep about 8 jars in my stockpile of PB&J. Hubby likes it on crackers when he has a low sugar. I love it on an toasted English muffin for breakfast. The grandchildren love PB&J sandwiches. Have fun using up what you have.

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