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Hubby’s Cooking, etc.

Hubby made dinner last night. He made the best macaroni and cheese that I have ever eaten. Here is the recipe: 

Classic Macaroni and Cheese

It was a bit time consuming but he made it all by himself. This recipe made two of the containers that you see pictured. So we have plenty for a few nights. I wonder if we could freeze one. If not, we will just eat it each night until it is gone. Who wouldn’t love comfort food every night? 

We served it with the leftover asparagus from the night before. Yummy!

Today, I finally went clothes shopping. I spent the morning at Kohl’s. By the time I was done, I had two new pairs of jeans and 5 tops- 3 casual and 2 dressier. I have lots of dressier slacks to go with the 2 dressier tops. So now, I will have a nice outfit to go to my granddaughter’s 5th grade graduation. I spent $129. after $40.00 in coupons and got $20.00 in Kohl’s cash. After finding all of those items. I felt no need to go to JC Penney. 

When I came home I threw out 2 pair of threadbare jeans and 5 old tops. Each new one in and each old one out of the closet.  

After spending barely any money on clothing the last 3 years, I think I did pretty good only spending $129. But I will keep my eyes open over the next few months for more clothes that I like and are on sale to replace some more items.

I have been spoiled this week with gifts from my son, DIL, and granddaughter in Eastern NY. First, I got this beautiful canvas shopping bag in the mail. My granddaughter drew the design. I absolutely love it and will think of her every time I use it.

Then I got 2 dozen roses delivered from them which I am enjoying immensely. The are so beautiful and smell so good. My family is so very thoughtful and I love each and every one of them so much. I hope my DIL has a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday.

My son and grandson are coming to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow so that they can celebrate with Katie on Sunday. My son is bringing breakfast so that I don’t have to make it. It will be a nice break from making breakfast every weekend. 

I hope all of my readers that are mothers and grandmothers have a wonderful day on Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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The first recipe I ever mastered was Shepherd's Pie. When my wife was in hospital it was the only thing I knew how to cook so we had it every night for a month – poor kids!

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