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Stockpile to Table – Month of May

My stockpile has gotten huge again so it is time to eat from it. I never want the food to expire and have to be thrown away. Wasting food is not an option in my household.

You have all heard the terms pantry challenge or eating from the stockpile. The newest one I have seen in the blogsphere is stockpile to table and I like it. 

So I discussed doing this with Hubby and we set our  rules for this May Challenge. You all know that I budget $ 75.00 per week for groceries for the two of us. This includes food, cleaning products, OTC medicines and HBA. Since I have a stockpile, there are many weeks that I only spend some of it and save the rest for big meat and seafood expenditures.

However for May’s Challenge, we are setting aside only $15.00 per week for groceries. I have so much food that we need to use up so for the two of us that $15.00 will cover milk, produce or the occasional grocery item that we can’t go without. So a total of $75.00 will be set aside this 5 week month.  

We are starting with this week which includes yesterday and today.  I did no shopping either day so I didn’t run out and shop to stock up on milk and produce. We have some avocados, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, onions and carrots on hand. We also have some apples and grapes.

In the refrigerator, we have 64 oz. of almond milk that I purchased last week. I love almond milk on my oatmeal or other cereals. We also have 1/2 of a container(64 oz.) of skim milk that Hubby uses for his cereal and to make SF puddings.

Our pantries and freezers are again well stocked. It is amazing how fast you can stock your supplies when the store has good deals that are free or almost free with couponing and the use of the couponing apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, etc. 

While we are eating down our stockpile, I will still be picking up any free items that we can use especially HBA and cleaning items. Those items can be kept without too much worry about spoilage. 

This is a good month for us to do this challenge since we will be busy with spring cleaning and outside things. We have had a very long winter (snow on Saturday night) so things outside are still very wet. Hubby and I were walking around our property last week seeing how much damage was done over the winter. You really needed boots because you just sunk into the ground because it is so soggy and wet. Hopefully, things will dry up so that our landscaping company can come do our spring cleanup soon.

I can’t wait until it is warm enough to clean the garage of dirt and salt that has accumulated this winter. Plus our SUV needs a good cleaning inside and outside. Our basement can use some sprucing up too. I don’t clean as quickly as I used to since I tire easily. So I will break these projects up into manageable chunks.

Before someone asks, I will be saving the other $300.00 that I would normally spend this month for something special that we are saving for.

I will post everything that we make to eat all month long. To get you caught up, we had sausage, eggs, home fries, English muffins, and coffee for our large Sunday breakfast yesterday. Hubby snacked on some of the party mix that I made a while ago instead of having lunch. I ate no lunch or snack. For dinner we had a skillet fajita casserole which was chicken, rice, pepper strips, onions and fajita seasoning. We eat nothing after dinner.  

I will be trying to keep our meals simple so that we can get our projects done this month. I will try to remember to take some pictures. 

If anyone would like to join in on this challenge, feel free to tell us what you make to eat each and every day in comments.    

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. Good plan for May. I am trying to do the same, but we also have some family coming for our son's graduation this weekend, so will have some expenses there. Hoping to have some good leftovers after the party on Sunday.

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