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I Am Loving Walmart

Today I went to Super Walmart to do my weekly  grocery shopping. I only got the few things that we  really needed. I am pretty well stocked on just about everything else.

Because my regular supermarket, Top’s is so expensive except when items are on sale, I have decided to shop more and more at Super Walmart and Aldi’s.

This week I only needed the above items and I was so surprised at the prices which I have put on my lowest price list that I am updating with current prices. This is what I purchased:

– 1 Mylanta – $ 6.97

– Romaine Hearts(bag of 3) – $ 2.28

– 1 Cucumber – $ .54 

– 1- 2lb. bag of Wild Caught Salmon – $ 7.52

– 2.33 lbs. of Bananas – $ 1.03

–  1 Equate Nasal Spray – $ 1.88

My total OOP was $ 20.22. That leaves $ 54.78 left for the rest of the week.

I was so happy to find this frozen salmon there. I have been paying a whole lot more for it elsewhere. I like these portions for lunch or dinner and sometimes with breakfast. They had the cheapest price I have found for the romaine lettuce and cucumber. 

I also purchased the above pictured 4 packs of dish towels to replace some of the ones that are worn out. They have improved these towels so that they are thicker and more absorbent. They cost $ 4.97 for each pack for a total out of our Other Budget of $ 10.74 including tax. We use brown to dry our hands in the kitchen and green to dry dishes and pots and pans. 

I know some people hate Walmart but we all have our likes and dislikes. Right now it is working for me. 

Do you shop at Super Walmart for any food? What is your favorite item that you always buy there? Mine has great produce. When Aldi’s produce is looking a little old, I always know that SW will have good looking produce. I also know that I can get produce reasonably priced at Niagara Produce but today I wanted one stop shopping.  

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I shop almost exclusively at my Super Walmart because I need the electric carts. I have read where people on different blogs say WM has nasty produce. Ours is the freshest in town other than Publix which is much higher in many cases. Having two different colors for drying hands and dishes is a good idea. I just get out a new dishtowel for drying produce of dishes.

I hate the idea of WM and practices, but I depend on it for many things. It is too hard for me to navigate Aldi's.

I love buying the plastic boxes of leaf lettuce. It is about $2.88 and lasts a week or more without going bad. So, I have green, leafy food at least once each day.

Every store is probably different produce wise. Our SW always has fresh produe. Our Aldi's is hit ans miss.

Thanks for the tip on the leaf lettuce.

I do most of our food shopping at Aldi but I go to Walmart for things I can’t get at Aldi. I also like Walmart for some clothes and housewares. Walmart here has really good clearances and when I find them, I stock up.
Our local WMs just started the online shopping for groceries where they have your order bagged up and bring it to your car. My daughter, who works full time and has 3 young kiddos, did it the first day it was available and is over the moon happy with it.

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for sharing. I would love the online shopping and then picking it up. Do you know if they let you
use coupons when you do it that way?

My SW does not have the pickup yet. The closest one to me is 30 minutes away.

I did the online and had a choice of pick up inside or out. I used a card that came in the mail to get $10 off $35 order. I knew I would be there, so I went in and got it. I have a $10 emailed coupon for online shopping. I am going to use that one, too.

You can’t use manufacturer coupons on Walmart grocery pickup but sometimes they do have those $10 or so off an order like Practical Parsimony used.
I’ve read you don’t get a regular cash register receipt that can be used on Ibotta either. Walmart emails the receipt the next day I think.

My SW is very close to home; Aldi not so much. I buy organic Romaine, bags of organic apples, organic carrots, frozen organic cubed sweet potatoes, some natural lunch meats, some canned fruit, organic cranberry-pomegranate juice, Deer Park Sparkling Water (instead of soda!), frozen blueberries, canned cat food. All those are better prices than anywhere else that is close by. (Kroger & Food Lion)
But you have to watch carefully. Yesterday the canned pears I had been buying for 77 cents jumped to 94 cents! I voted with my pocketbook and left them on the shelf.
I also use the WM savings catcher. Every now and then I get some money back to use on future purchases.
I like the convenience of WM being like a "general store". In the past year I've done a few online orders of things that ship to the store, so no shipping charges!

Hi Jo,

Thanks for sharing. I too have ordered a few free shipping to store packages.

Thank you for the tip to watch for price jumps.

At Walmart I buy Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka (just keeping it real here), produce, natural peanut butter, grass-fed burgers, some cleaning products, large shipping boxes (I have an eBay business), make-up, baking supplies, and sometimes candy. We have a Super Walmart and a smaller Walmar, but I prefer the smaller Walmart when I don’t need certain items that are only at the Super store. It’s pretty busy where I live.

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for sharing. I so miss being able to buy liquor in the grocery store. NY does not allow it.

Are the grass fed burgers Laura's?

They are called Marketplace Butcher. The flavor is fantastic and I like the way they are portioned into 1/4lb burgers. My husband tends to make burgers bigger, and it’s too much for us to be eating with a meal. I live in Arizona, and it seems we can buy liquor everywhere!

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks. I doubt we have them here in NY but I will look.

I miss Arizona. We lived there from 2001 to Dec 2009. I loved it. I loved be able to one stop shop for liquor, beer, wine and groceries. I also miss all of the shopping. We had so many choices. I live in a little town not far from Niagara Falls now and we have very limited choices but I make it work.

You mentioned you lived in Arizona at one time. I’m not trying to pry, but I was wondering why you would move from a such a warm climate to chilly New York? I’m guessing it was for family reasons, which I totally understand. I bitch about the summers here, but I don’t think my joints could take the cold and snow of the East Coast.

Yes, it was because we missed our granddaughter and because our grandson was born the month after we moved back.

I didn't mind the summers because we lived in the pool. You are right about the joints. Mine act up all the time.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. We don't have a Walmart close by to shop in our new town. I usually shop at Kroger and sometimes Meijer and Aldi, they are not too far away, but Kroger is closest and I can get good deals there if I watch the sales.

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