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An Exhausting Day

I have not recovered from my trip or cold yet. I have been trying to get the shopping and errands done and things caught up around here. So I feel like I have been running and running and I am exhausted.

Since today was warmer than it has been in a long time – mid forties and raining, I decided that it was a good day to just get all of the errands and shopping done. So I was out most of the day. I am too tired to tell you everything I did but I wanted to show you the deals that I found when I went into Office Max for other items.  

I needed a 7 pocket envelope to keep my drugstore deals and rewards in, a place for my shopping list, restaurant coupons, and a place to put coupons that I don’t end up using in. So I was able to pick that up for $2.00.

However as I was walking back towards the front of the store, I saw a large clearance section. I was curious so I stopped. I found Christmas zipper sandwich bags marked down to $.23 a box. I ended up  purchasing all they had left which was 17 boxes. Each bag cost me $.0115. I use these for many things: craft supplies, to organize small things and for non freezer food. I was thrilled. Hubby and I decided this purchase should come out of our Other budget. So check your clearance sections at Office Max if it is close by.

I also found the pictured bound notebook which has 168 pages marked down to $ 2.42. I was needing one for my to do lists and this was so large and attractive.

I did many more shopping trips today but more about that tomorrow. I just don’t have any get up and go left today. I am going to drink a cup of tea and I am off to bed. I hope you all have a great evening.

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I will go to OM tomorrow. I bought some Christmas storage bags, pint and quart, from WM two years ago, and I still have not used them all. But, for that price, I can buy more. I, too, use them for things other than food.

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