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Frugal Things We Have Done the Past Couple of Weeks

The holidays are never frugal as we all know. However we did our best to get a few frugal things done. 

– I did very little grocery shopping which has continued into this week. We are mainly eating from our stockpile of food.

– One night we were craving Chinese food. I was tempted to go get take out. But my Chinese food is healthier. So even though I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open, I made stir fry. I chunked up some boneless chicken that I had in the freezer. I added different colored pepper strips, pineapple chunks, sliced onions and water chestnuts. I finished it off with a Chinese stir fry sauce that I made from a packet. I ate it just like that. Hubby wanted his on rice. It was delicious and not only cheaper than take out but I didn’t have to brave the cold or use any gasoline.

– I made double the amount we wanted and froze a meal for a night when we are craving it again.

– I used one of these for the above meal so that it was easier to get in the bag and didn’t make a mess. I purchased these for less than $ 5.00 each. I bought four of them for freezer cooking. I will be doing a lot of that after my trip. I will cook one meal for dinner and freeze four meals for nights I am too tired to cook.

– I sewed a button back on a sweater and a button back on a nightgown. I seem to have them coming off lately.

– We had Christmas dinner a day late at my son’s home. I baked a homemade pumpkin bread and put a lot of homemade party mix in a Christmas container that I purchased last Christmas at 90% off so that they had breakfast the next day since they would be traveling. They also took the party mix to eat on the trip. 

– I needed no wrapping paper, cards or other Christmas things so I did not go after Christmas discount shopping. I kept my money in my wallet. 

– I have been using up all of our leftovers. If I make soup, I freeze it. I have made all of Hubby’s meals for while I am gone so that he only has to thaw and heat. 

– I went to the library and took out a book to read on my trip.

– I wanted to give a little gift to each of the babies that live next door to me but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So I wrapped a brand new book that I had in my gift closet for one of them. The other one I gave a garage sale book that I purchased for $1.00. The book looked like it had never been used. Both boys love being read to and looking at the pictures.

– I managed to get the snow out of the driveway, off the porch, and walk with just a little bit of help from Hubby. So for now, it is done and I didn’t have to hire a plow service. 

– I have been using the HE washer and hanging clothes inside to dry. But I have only been doing two loads a week. 

– I bought no new clothes for my trip. I am using what I have even for dressing up for our dinner at Victoria and Alberts at the Grand Floridian.

– Hubby and I have not gone out to dinner or gotten take out since Thanksgiving weekend. No entertainment money spent. 

– Our entertainment has been watching Netflix movies and playing board games. 

– Hubby had one of the soles come loose on his favorite pair of bang around shoes. He fixed it with Boot Fix Shoe Glue. It worked perfectly. 

– I got my first rebate in the mail for 2018. It was $3.00. It is being saved for one of our goals.

That is it for now. I need to start dinner so that I can call my sister at 6PM. We take turns calling each other every week using free long distance. I look forward to chatting with her tonight.

So what have you done frugally the past week or so?

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. I only went to Walmart after Christmas to get some wrapping paper. I went when it was 50% off so there were more to choose from, plus they had some of the kind that is a size for bigger packages, which I was happy to see and got a few rolls of it also. I didn't need anything else so kept my money in my wallet like you did. I was able to keep to our Christmas budget this year, and had a little left over that I will put back in our savings account. I have already had a medical bill this year that is on our deductible, and I decided to pay it out of pocket instead of using our HSA account. I am going to try to save that HSA money for something major, or for when we are retired and have a lower income.

Where did you get those dohickeys to hold the bag? That would take a lot of the mess and grief out of freezing or even using a storage bag. You have been very frugal. I have just been my normal frugal with nothing special lately. I think I spent $7 on items marked down 75%, but you did not hear me say that or write it.

I love reading frugal endeavors of others. Sounds like you had a great week. We are still eating up 'leftovers' from the holidays. My daughter was here for two weeks and she bought some meats and things that she couldn't take back home with her( she was low carb'ing) , so we are eating from her stash. Very thrifty!

Have a great trip to Disney – want you to know that following so many of your tips, I was able to save a huge (43K) of money last year – We always save – but with extra effort – we topped our normal savings by a lot – your financial advice is so creative and helpful – see you when you get back (you will be worn out) Mary Ellen

To All Who Replied,

Sorry that I am just publishing your comments today. I enjoyed each and every one of them. I have been busy getting ready and packing for my trip. I find all of that so stressful. I will enjoy myself and take some pics. I will write when I get back.

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