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Happy New Year and My Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of you. May your year be Blessed and Very Prosperous.

I am so excited for this New Year. It always makes me hopeful when the calendar changes years. I have a number of resolutions for the year and to hold myself accountable, I am listing them here:

– Spend as much time as possible doing things with Hubby that we both enjoy.

– Spend as much time as possible with our sons, DIL’s and grandchildren.

– Lose 30 pounds by continuing our Keto diet and exercise more. 

– Become so healthy that I can get off of most of my prescription pills. I was able to get off of five of them in 2017. I don’t know if it will be possible to get off of the rest but I am sure going to try my best. 

– Finally organize every inch of my home in the next three months without spending a fortune doing it. Most organizers will be purchased at the Dollar Tree. I have always been a pretty organized person but I have never organized every inch the way I really want it. That is my goal while making Hubby happy about it at the same time. 

– Make freezer cooking the normal around here instead of just a once in a while thing. I have grown very tired of cooking so this will help me in a big way. I will always know that I have a meal in the freezer that I can pull out and put in the crock pot or oven. It will also let us eat more meals at home instead of eating out.     

– Save more money than we ever have by being frugal in everything we do. Every day I will be doing whatever needs to be done to live the frugal life the way we want to. Everything I do will be carefully thought about and analyzed. 

– Use my 2018 planner to keep track of everything I do and Quicken for tracking all or our income and expenses.

– Spend less time on the computer, watching You Tube or Netflix and more time doing things that help our bottom line. I have already pretty much given up TV.

– We will be trying to cut all of our spending to less than we spent in each category last year. 

– Lastly, I plan on really enjoying my Disney World vacation that starts this coming weekend. I will have no electronics with me to blog with.  I want to savor every minute with my son, DIL, and grandson. It may be the last vacation that I take so I really want to enjoy it.

– Blogging about it all here.

Have you made any resolutions today that you plan on keeping?  Please comment and share with all of us. We would love to hear about them.

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Sounds like great goals! I particularly love the enjoy/being present on vacation one. So true that we should all cherish the time together, making special memories.

I always have a long laundry list of goals, by different buckets. But, for me, I have three key goals for 2018: lose 20 pounds, run a half marathon, & quit my job. If I accomplish those three, I'll feel quite accomplished by the end of the year.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I haven't set goals for 2018 this year yet. I am so impressed that you have been able to get off of 5 of your prescriptions! Congratulations! I know one of my goals will be to continue with the Y program I had emailed you about. I was able to keep my weight stable over the Christmas holiday, which was good because there were a lot of tempting things to eat at our families' homes when we were visiting.

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