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Dollar Tree Haul

Shopping at Dollar Tree is so much fun. I went today. I also went last week but I forgot to take a picture. Sorry! 

But anyhow today’s haul was a good one. I love, love, love their off brand magic erasers. So I picked up a couple of boxes. I keep one in every room which is handy for when I need it. After I dust baseboards, I use one to get any spots off. They can be used for a million things.

I was almost out of parchment paper so I picked up two. The coconut oil spray works really well and mine was almost gone.

You can tell that Hubby was really excited to get new pill containers. He tore the packaging off before I could get my picture. I actually picked up 5 of these. They are hard to find around here. He uses two and I use two (night time and morning pills). But when I put pills in them, I do two weeks  at a time so I use 4. I had found these last week and only bought one. I wanted to use it for a while and if I liked it then get more. Since I did like it, I rushed back to get them for both of us. These fit so easily in your hand and take up very little room. I think I will love it for my trip too. We have been using the large long ones but these are so much better.

I also picked up 6 of the long slim rectangular storage bins. I love these for vanity items and desk drawers. 

The magic erasers are sitting on two cabinet shelf dividers which I use on a shelf in my closet. They are flimsier than ones that I paid a lot more money for. But they are perfect for the lightweight things I will use them for.

And lastly, my favorite score of the day was 5 packages of cutting mats. They come two to a pack and I needed about 10 to do my refrigerator. I wanted something that would protect my refrigerator shelves when something gets spilled. I hate it when spilled milk or something else gets down in the cracks and crevices and you have to take everything apart to clean in the sink. These will prevent much of that. I can just wipe them off on the day before grocery day. So these will be a project for me in the next couple of days. Over the years I have looked at the expensive fridge mats and I don’t want to spend close to $100. to do my refridgerator. These may not be as good but will do the job for $ 5.00.

So this haul cost me $ 24.76 including tax.

Do any of you use these items? What else do you buy that you love? Please leave a comment and share with all of us.

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Nice finds! I just found and picked up some Saran Wrap at the Dollar Tree. I really like that brand and it was the first time I had ever seen it there. I regularly get my cooking spray, coffee filters, greeting cards (2/$1)and peppermint candy there.

I also went shopping at a Dollar Tree today. Really like to shop this store but we don't have one in our small town, so I have to travel about 30 miles to a larger town. I try to make a day of it shopping in several stores if I make the trip. I purchased coffee filters, facial tissues, Christmas gift bags and three bobble Christmas ornaments. Could have bought much more cute stuff, but I held myself back! Enjoyed my day too. Penny S.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. Thanks for doing this post about the Dollar Tree. I like to get greeting cards there. We have only had one close by for the last few years since we moved, there was not one close by where we used to live. I am interested to see what people think are good deals there. I went recently and got a bunch of the Christmas treat bags for the baked goods I make at Christmas.

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