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I Hope You All Had a Happy Thanksgiving and The Future of This Blog

I hope all of you had a nice day yesterday and that you are enjoying family and friends. We had a wonderful one celebrated here with family. We are still enjoying their company.

So while my son is doing his college homework and my granddaughter is busy writing stories, I thought I would update you on what is going on here and the future of this blog. 

I have been dealing with a medical issue that is taking up a lot of my time between tests, appointments and lots of research. For example this week coming I am tied up 2 days with three tests and other days in physical therapy. I am not enjoying any of it but it is all necessary. I hope to have answers soon and then know what I am dealing with. It has been a long process.

With that said, now the issue of this blog. Since I started this one my health made it almost impossible to think about anything but it. So I couldn’t put the kind of time in that I wanted to. As one long time reader said to me “I liked your other blogs better!” She was very blunt but so right!  My heart just was not in it.

So I will be keeping this blog but it will be about all frugal things and more like my old blogs. I plan on starting off 2018 with my plans for the New Year which I will publish sometime in December. My plans and budget will be about those things that are not monthly bills set in stone but those that I can work on and reduce. It will be a journey of saving and reducing spending. We have lofty goals for next year which will require reducing what goes out of our bank accounts. Of course 2018 will start off with my Disney trip which is in no way frugal. However airline tickets, my hopper pass, and scooter have long ago been paid for. The only expense will be food, drink and any gifts that I may buy. However, I have been saving all year to have money towards those items and have accumulated $1000. So none of my Disney expenses will come out of our 2018 income. 

So I am looking forward to getting back to blogging soon. And I hope you all will come along for the ride.  

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OH, so good to see you are back. You have been in my prayers for your health.
Whatever frugal items that you write about, will be enjoyable, I am sure.
Just don't overdo it on that well-planned trip with family, to Disney.

No I am not buying one. I have rented one for my Disney trip because my son and his family do one or two parks every day and that is a lot of walking for this " old lady". So it takes me from place to place and then I walk in the area we are in.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I am glad to see you were well enough to post on your blog, but sorry you are still dealing with your medical issues. We had a nice Thanksgiving here. Hubby is putting up the outside Christmas lights today. 🙂 I went to Kroger for some of the $1.99 butter that is on sale today only, and I will help him with some of the outside stuff when he is ready for me.

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