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Errand Day

I usually run my errands on Thursday but I did them today since I seem to be a day ahead on everything this week. 

We needed just a few grocery items so I decided that Top’s was the best choice this week. They had bacon( bought 5), turkey pepperoni, yams, and eggs on sale that were all on my buy list. I also picked up a cottage cheese cup with a free store coupon. The lettuce and tomatoes were a necessity. I also purchased a 6 pack of Flying Bison Rusty Chain beer which is not in the picture. The total for all was $ 45.13 including tax and bottle deposits.

My next stop was at Super Walmart to pick up a Christmas gift that I had shipped to the store. I love how easy it is to get a pick up there. I have been doing some of the Christmas shopping already. I need to have it done by Thanksgiving so my family can take it home with them. Shipping has gotten very expensive. 

Then I went to the library which has become a regular stop every 8-9 days. I borrowed 3 more James Patterson books. I am able to read one book in a about 3 – 4 hours depending on interruptions. I am enjoying his Murder Club series but I am reading it backwards. The reason is that the newest books are hard to come by so when I see them, I grab them.

Last stop was the drug store to pick up a prescription for Hubby. That cost us $ 50.00.

Dinner tonight is leftovers from last night. I made spaghetti and meatballs for Hubby. For me I made alfredo sauce with broccoli and chicken. I can’t eat red sauce so this a meal where I really have to cook two different meals. Most times I just eat spaghetti with butter. My leftovers are pictured.  

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. I got some good deals at Kroger this week. They were having a baking sale and I got some Duncan Hines cake mixes and brownie mixes for $1 each. The cream cheese blocks were also that price and butter was $2.50/package so I picked up half a dozen of them. I got a few things on the mega sale they are having, but nothing spectacular except Tide Simply small bottle for .99, I had qs for 2 of them.

I read a lot and I used to purchase a lot of books and magazines. I stopped when magazines got so expensive and when I decided to try and downsize a bit (not successful so far). I then purchased 2nd hand books and as soon as read they would get returned to the thrift store for resale or I'd give them away. you can't imagine how many books I still own (too many, lol). I am much more disciplined now about not buying books though I've lightened up and buy the odd magazine now and then through loyalty points. I still read a lot and like you I use the library. It allows me 50 holds a year and I use most of that allotment.

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