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A Little Of This and A Little of That( Breakfast, New Cooker, and Planner)

We had a celebration in our home yesterday. For dinner, we got KFC take out. We both love fried chicken from there. But since it is pretty unhealthy, we only purchase it 2-3 times a year. With the 8 piece meal we got some biscuits. Since we watch how many carbs we eat in a meal, we did not eat them yesterday. But not wanting to waste them, we used two to make egg, bacon and cheese biscuits for breakfast this morning. Waste not want not!

Over the weekend, Hubby saw on QVC this green 
Cooker .  As you can see in the picture, we already had a smaller yellow one. We use our yellow one all of the time to make rice, quinoa, etc. But it holds very little. I love to make rice on Sunday and then use it a few times a week. So for $19.96, we couldn’t pass up this 5 cup one. Also the new one is big enough to cook meals in it for just the two of us. Using small appliances saves a lot of energy money. So with autumn upon us, this larger one will get used a whole lot now and throughout the winter.  Hubby is making chili in the crock pot tomorrow. So I will make a big batch of rice in the new one and we will just use it through the rest of the weekend. 

My favorite planner is Amy Knapp’s .  I waited too late last fall to order it and they were sold out. So I had to purchase a different planner which did not work well for me. So I was getting Amy’s early this year to make sure that I got one. I actually ordered two- one as a gift. You can’t beat this price for a great planner.

It has a pocket in the front that holds all of my paperwork to run errands or that I need to make calls each week.

I love the weekly pages with the to do lists, grocery shopping lists, and a place for my menus. Both the grocery lists and menus are perforated and can be torn out. I am a very visual person so I need to do lists.

Then there are note pages. I use these to write down my morning and evening routines and my zones. Then they are always handy for me to look at. 

There are also phone number and e-mail reference pages. There are a number of pages to list info for babysitters, children’s friends names and addresses, etc. Those I wouldn’t use but people with children would love them.

And lastly, there are two pages of stickers. Some I can use and others that I can’t, so I will share those with the gift one. I did also buy two sets of stickers that I can use for my planner. I am a very visual person so I enjoy using them in my planner. I plan each week on Sunday for the following. 

So tonight I will be happy to get everything up to date in this planner and throw out the one I am using. I am not waiting until January 1st.

Dinner tonight will be leftovers from KFC. Yummy!

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When exbf and I eat at KFC, neither of us eat our biscuit with the meal. Even before we met, we saved it for later or the next day. He said it is like a dessert later in the day. I love KFC!

In a planner, I use the places I don't need, like babysitter lists for recording information I need.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I don't use a planner, we just keep a calendar on the refrigerator, and it seems to work ok.

I make rice in the microwave. You take 1 c rice (not minute rice), 2 c water, a little salt and oil. Put in a covered dish and microwave on high for 6 minutes, then 30% power for 14 min. I have made it this way for all of our married life, my mother in law taught me how to make it this way.

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