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My Hubby and I have been frugal for many decades. When we retired early many years ago, we decided to continue our frugality. By doing that we are assured that no matter how many years we live in retirement, we will not run out of money for the things that are important to us. We live in the Northeast in a heavily taxed state so prices that you may see may be cheaper or more expensive for you depending on where you live.  

Those things that are most important to us are family, our home, transportation, food, medical, insurances, taxes, clothing, personal care, etc. and even a few luxuries.

I will be documenting the frugal things that we do during the week and sharing them with you. Some will be familiar others may not. Hopefully you can learn some new things to apply in your own daily lives.

So feel free to join us as we start our journey this week through frugality. 



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so glad you are back – I couldn't believe just one day you were gone – the day before you shut down I looked up on your web site what steam cleaner you ordered from amazon and had ordered one for my sister for Christmas and one for us . I have followed so many of you tips (my hub and I are about the same as you and yours) and it is SO amazing how much money we saved this year – I don't know why we are saving at our age but we think it is FUN – not quite as frugal as you – but a lot more fugal than in the past – we don't live much different – we just spend our money more carefully, so, hey thanks and know your efforts are appreciated even if we are invisible to you. Mary Ellen

Hi Mary Ellen,

I hope you both enjoy your steam cleaners. We have saved so much money using ours.

Saving money is fun. I always think of it as spending our money wisely so that we can afford the necessary things in life, owe no one, and leave a little for our kids.

HI Liz,
This is Linda. I am so delighted you are back. My H and I are about your same age, and live, like you, quite frugally. We also enjoy saving money—it's a fun lifestyle.
Your comments have always helped me so much.
Thank you for sharing with us.

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