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Savings With My Kitchen Aid

One of my very favorite appliances is my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I purchased it refurbished for about $150. many years ago when we lived in Arizona.

I use it so often that I keep it out on our counter. Both Hubby and I use it a lot when we are baking cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. I use it to make homemade frosting, whip heavy cream, or make mashed potatoes.

Over the years, I have purchased some attachments when I saw a great sale on them. I have the food grinder which I use for grinding meat or poultry that I purchase at rock bottom prices. 99% of the time those prices on the larger piece of meat I grind are less than I can buy the ground meat. Over the years, I have ground beef roasts, steaks, chicken, and turkey breasts. Pork chops or roasts make ground pork or sausages. I have also used it to grind nuts and make bread crumbs. I have made pickle relish by grinding pickles. I have ground dried fruits to make cookies. This versatility has saved me a fortune on purchasing these items prepared. 

I have also purchased attachments that slice and shred. Because of this, I have not had to purchase a food processor. I can easily shred my own cheese when I find a chunk cheap. I can shred all kinds of vegetables and fruits. I have also shredded cooked chicken with them. I have made coleslaw. It does a great job making pesto. Making applesauce is easy.

The best thing is that it does not take much electricity to use it. The second best thing is because  I purchased it so cheap that I have gotten my money back many times over the years.

If you own a Kitchen Aid, please share with us what you use yours for.