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Saving By Using Our Air Fryer

We love our air fryer. It has seen a lot of use over the past year. It has saved us lots of energy.

Rather than heat up our big oven or even the toaster oven, we use it to do lots of meals. It doesn’t heat up the kitchen when it is hot or you have the A/C on. Bonus is that it takes less energy than the ovens. Sometimes, I even cook with it out on the patio.

I bought a rack for ours that allows us to cook an entire meal in it. We put the meat in the basket and layer the veggies on the rack. 

We have done pork chops, chicken, hamburgers, and even pizza in it. I make French fries and onion rings for Hubby in it. Hubby has made haddock that he breads in it.

There is a huge number of recipes online to use it. Just google “air fryer recipes”.

You could do frozen fried chicken, fish, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, pizza rolls, etc. in it. I just wish they would put air fryer directions on those boxes. Just the temperature and time would be a big help. Maybe as more people use them, the manufacturers will eventually do that. When I do pizza rolls or any of the other frozen items for Hubby, I use the temp for an oven but cut the amount of cooking time back. 

So if you are looking to save energy, this is a good choice to cook with.

Do you have an air fryer? Do you cook anything special in it?