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Saving While Cleaning

Cleaning is something that will cost you a fortune over your lifetime. There are tons of cleaning products in the stores that lure you into spending your money over and over again.

Here are some ways that I save on the cost of cleaning products.

– Buy your Magic Erasers as generics at Dollar Tree or in bulk on Amazon. Cut them in half. You usually don’t need a whole one to do the job.

– Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. My window ones do a great job. I use these cloths for just about every cleaning job.

– I like the Method all purpose cleaners so I stock when I see a great price. I find these cleaners do 90% of the cleaning jobs around my home. Or you can make your own with vinegar and orange peels.

– Don’t use store bought Swiffers- dry or wet. I use an old fashioned dry mop and a reusable mop with washable pads.

– I use reusable dusting wands that I can hand wash and hang to dry. 

– Don’t use Lysol Wipes that you have to buy over and over again. Make your own with some paper towels and vinegar. Or use a microfiber cloth like I do. They do a great job in sinks and tubs. I only use Lysol wipes in the car. I keep a container of them in case of a messy car job on the road or a spill. 

-Make your own daily shower cleaner. I use vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water. Just use google to find one.

– We use our own steam cleaner a few times a year to keep the shower clean. It does a great job on grout. 

– Don’t pay to have your carpets cleaned. We have purchased two shampooers over the years and we clean our own.

– Use a packet of citrus Kool Aid like lemonade to clean the inside of your dishwasher. It costs pennies compared to the products they sell to do it.

– I use vinegar in my dishwasher instead of Jet Dry.

– Good old cheap Pine Sol mixed in a bucket does a great job on floors.

– Cut steel wool pads in half for whatever job you need them for. Half a pad will usually do the job.

– Clean your kitchen sink with baking soda and a microfiber cloth. Clean the garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar. Make sure to mix it in a container in the sink because it will fizz up. Pour it down the garbage disposal and let it sit a bit. In between deep cleanings I throw my lemon slices from my lemon water in it and grind them up.

– Throw a cheap Equate denture tablet in the toilet and let it fizz. Then use a reusable toilet brush to clean it. 

These are just some of the ways I save. I am sure there are plenty more. Feel free to share in comments the way you save on cleaning. We can all learn from each other.