Every Day

When Your Meal is a Dud!

For dinner last night I put a large piece of chuck roast from the meat market in the crockpot. As the day wore on and the pot roast defrosted I took the meat out and cut it into chunks and put it back in the pot. That was not a good idea.

When we started dishing it up for dinner, most of the pot roast had shredded. Hubby likes a good chunk of meat in his stew not shreds. He ate some but asked what I could do to fix it for tonight.

Since he likes beef barley soup, I decided I would try to turn the stew into soup. There was more than enough meat, it was just shredded like you see in the picture above. I took all of Hubby’s potatoes out and will fry them one morning for breakfast for him.

Then I cut up the large chunks of celery that were in the pot and made sure there was enough carrots. I added water and some beef bouillon cubes. 

Next, I opened my large can of pearled barley from
Honeyville  and added some. We will let it cook on low. Then just before I serve it, I will add some canned veggies if needed.

In this home, I don’t waste food. So I will try to rescue a bad meal every time and turn it into something else. I will post a picture later of the finished soup. 

Honeyville cans of food are wonderful to keep in long or short term. I believe this can of barley was purchased over 3 years ago. It will get used up this winter for lots of soups. If I hadn’t opened it, it would last 10-15 years.

I also purchase some dehydrated celery, carrots, and onions from them for winter soups. They are so nice to keep on hand for when you need them.

Do you try to rescue meals that don’t turn out the way you want them to? Or do you throw them out?

This is what it has been doing here today. It has stopped snowing but the wind is brutal. I had to go out and get some pretty plates for my dessert that I am taking to the Christmas party. I filled up the car with gas using $.60 off a gallon that I earned at Top’s. So I paid $ 1.999 for 358 miles of gasoline. The wind was so bad that I had a hard time staying on my feet. 

Here is the finished beef barley soup and it was delicious. Half is going in the freezer for future meals and we will eat half tonight and the next couple of days.