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Homemade Laundry Detergent

You all know that I use the EcoEgg for my laundry. That said, I need some laundry detergent to soak hand washables that I feel are too delicate to go in the washer. I also need something that I can soak stains in.

There are tons of homemade laundry detergent recipes online but this is the one that I find works the best for us. So I make up a small batch and keep it in a reused container. 

Here is the recipe:

1 bar of Soap grated(I use any soap that I have.) 
1 cup of Washing Soda
1/2 cup of OxiClean
1/2 cup of Borax

The worst part of this is grating the soap. I use a box grater. Once that is done, it is just a matter of  throwing it all together and mixing it well. I use 1-2 tablespoons of this soap mixed in a bucket of hot water to soak or wash items. 

Since I am out of purchased regular laundry soap, I needed to make a couple of batches to soak 4 items with stains. I will soak them overnight. Rinse then well and then wash with the EcoEgg. This detergent has never let me down.

Do you make your own laundry soap? Do you have a recipe you like?