Every Day

Our Day Trips

Since everyone is sleeping but me, I decided to post quickly about how our week is going. I am up very early and have opened all of the windows because it is 7 degrees cooler outside than in. So I am just typing away here enjoying the cool breeze.

On Monday, we took my granddaughter to Niagara Falls. We went to the American side which isn’t far from where we live. As we were driving along the Niagara River, my granddaughter says to me ” My cellphone says I am in Canada and has gone blank.” I quickly figured out that the closest cell tower was most likely on the Canadian side. 

Fortunately, her camera worked so that she could get some great pics. From the American side, you can see those Falls and the Canadian ones. The closest is the American Falls and the Canadian Falls is on the right in the background. The two countries are very close together at this point. 

I also did some Amazon Prime shopping to get Hubby a new tablet and Alexa some Queen vinyls for her record player. 

Image result for mohan, the baby rhino at the buffalo zoo  

Yesterday, we took her to the Buffalo Zoo. She has always loved this zoo. We all got to see the new baby Rhino, Mohan, who is 1 month old. He was just presented to the public for the first time last Friday. Earlier in the Spring, her Mom took her to Washington, DC to see the sites and they went to the National Zoo. She was disappointed. She said the Buffalo Zoo is so much better. So she was very excited to go.

Last night we got Five Guys food for dinner because it was hot outside and without A/C, I was not up to cooking. We got hamburgers and fries. I resisted the fries. It wasn’t easy because they smelled so good.

Alexa and I are going to go get her an Orange Cream at Arby’s later today. She loves them. Other than that we are going to stick close to home since the A/C repair people are coming. Fingers crossed that they can quickly fix the A/C. This has been the hottest week all summer to have it not working. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.