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My To Do List, Etc.

It’s been a busy 10 days and I loved every minute of it. My daughter in law arrived on Friday and my granddaughter was so glad to see her. 

Yesterday my son and grandson and their dog, Nori, came out for breakfast. All of us had a nice morning of just being with each other. It’s always a treat for me to have family together.

My granddaughter and DIL left about 11:30am to make the long trek home. They made an adventure out of it by taking back roads and staying off the highways. It took them 7 hours to get home but they enjoyed every minute of it. If you have never taken a different route to where you are going, try it sometime. It is fun to travel from one side of a state to the other and just enjoy the scenery.

My son and grandson left to go home about 2:30pm. The house seemed very quiet after the hustle and bustle of the week.

Hubby and I ate leftovers for dinner. We had leftover spaghetti sauce with meatballs so I made Hubby a pasta bake smothered in mozzarella cheese. I ate leftover broccoli and chicken. I will freeze the rest of the cooked chicken for another day. The rest of the pasta bake will be scooped up into portion size dinners and frozen.

But today I have quite a to do list to catch up on:

Get groceries at Aldi’s and Top’s – they have some good sales that I am not passing up.

Return deposit bottles to Fast Cash.

Package and take an Amazon return to UPS.

Go to the library to return books and take out a couple more.

All of the errands will be run in an efficient way to save on gasoline.

When I get home, I need to:

– strip 3 beds and wash sheets and all of the towels from 2 bathrooms

– write a Thank You note to the person who held the reunion

– work on some future blog posts

– clean a bedroom

– cut up the veggies to make two salads

-just relax and watch a movie

Do you guys have a busy Monday? Leave a comment and share with us what is on your agenda.

Every Day

We Had The Best Weekend

Last Friday we started our journey to a family reunion. We left in the AM to drive to our Hilton Hotel in Eastern NY. That was a 5 hour drive. 

We drove non-stop with plenty of iced water, iced tea, and snacks in the car that we brought with us. I gassed the car up using $.20 off per gallon before we left.

After checking in the hotel, we left to drive to see our DIL and granddaughter and go out to dinner. My son was working.  We went to the Silver Spoon in Ravena. It is a cute diner that has just delicious food. They were able to accommodate my diet and that I appreciated. 

After spending some time with them, we returned to our hotel to get a good night’s sleep because we knew we had a long day on Saturday.

On Saturday, we made coffee in the room and had a snack that we brought from home for breakfast. We knew we would be eating lunch and dinner at the reunion.

Then we hopped back in the car to drive the almost 3 hours to the reunion in South Salem, NY. We are so glad that we decided to attend. Many of our generation have died but more of us are still here. We loved seeing each other again. It was like we had never been apart.  Many of the next two generations were also there and had a great day swimming in the lake, playing horseshoes and badminton and, going out in the canoe. We just loved catching up with each other and watching the young ones enjoy themselves. We also got to see a brother and sister and her husband who we don’t see as often as we like because of distance from each other.  

Lunch was a number of huge subs, fruit, salad, and greens and a myriad of salads. I was able to eat greens with some cheddar cheese on it and some strawberries. I always carry avocados from home whenever I travel. So I had 1/2 an avocado broken up on the greens which served as a dressing. Water was my drink of the day.

Dinner was hamburgers, chicken kabobs, greens and more salads. The kabobs and greens tasted terrific.

All day long there were cookies, cakes, cheesecake, etc. At 3PM, everyone minus me had their choice of a variety of ice cream. 

I have learned how to eat properly no matter where I go and that there are always things I can eat. When I weighed myself this morning, I had lost 2 more lbs. over the weekend.

Shortly after dinner, we left to drive the 3 hours back to the hotel. 

The next morning we left about 7AM to go to our son’s home and have breakfast. We picked up our granddaughter to bring her back with us for a week. So that was about 5 hours for our trip back home.

It was a lot of driving 3 days in a row and Hubby did it all. 

So with the exception of a short post tomorrow, I will be spending all of my precious time having fun with my granddaughter this week. After tomorrow I will be back posting again on next Monday. You guys have a great week!

Every Day

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

Our government here in New York has banned plastic bags effective March 31, 2020. Knowing that they were probably going to do this, I have been saving every one that comes into the house for months and I will continue to save them. I have a plastic bag dispenser inside one of my pantries for the ones that I will use over the next few months. The rest are being stored in empty Kleenex boxes in my basement stockpile. 

Why you ask? Because I reuse them for my garbage. In our town all garbage must be bagged before you put it in your trash can. So I empty waste baskets from all over the house into these little bags. That way I can save the expensive tall kitchen garbage ones that I buy for just the kitchen waste basket. 

We have some people who walk their dogs in our neighborhood who don’t live in here and don’t always pick up after their dogs. So those bags are what I use to clean it up. Most of my neighbors pick up after their dogs.

I expect that when the new law goes into effect here that tall kitchen garbage bags and those black trash bags will rise in price. So by using what I have, I make mine last longer. 

Last month I found a new product that we love. It is G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ Sauce. Walmart carries it for $7.52 for a 2 pack. We tried the Hickory flavor but they have other flavors too which Hubby and I will be trying. This is delicious! So many SF products don’t taste good but this one is definitely a keeper. I made a pan of BBQ chicken the other night and even Hubby loved it. And my Hubby is very fussy. So if you have a diabetic in the family or just don’t want sugar in the products you eat, give it a try. 

I am rearranging my kitchen cupboards again to make things easier for me as I age. This is the results after I rearranged my beverage cupboard. I think you have all seen that I keep my Keurig on my kitchen counter along with our sugar free syrups and whipped toppings that we make our coffee with. Everything else is in the cupboard above these things. The only new container I purchased was my
tea box .  Th organization doesn’t need to be pretty. It just needs to be functional.

For those of you that don’t know, you can click on the pictures and they will get bigger. That is a tip for my senior readers who may not see as well as they used to and that includes me. 

Today will be a quiet day spent at home. I will continue working on my organization projects. Dinner tonight will be mandarin orange chicken for Hubby so that he can finish up the rice. I will finish the last bit of BBQ chicken and the broccoli.

Any of you doing any organizing now that Spring is here? Feel free to leave a comment and share with us.

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Just a Little Tip My Surgeon Gave Me and a Little of This and a Little of That

My surgeon told me I could start the South Beach diet in a few days. But he gave me a few tips. He told me to only eat until I start to feel full. He also told me to use smaller plates for my meals.

My dinner plates are huge but my smallest plates are the size of saucers. So I decided I had to buy at least 4 in between plates. Since I won’t be using them forever, I did not want to spend a lot of money on them. 

So I went to Dollar Tree yesterday and found 4 of the pictured ones. They weren’t my favorite design but they were the right size. The price was right at $ 4.32. 

It was time to read the meters again and submit them to the power company which I did. I noticed while doing this that both the electric and natural gas usage has gone down. It is still really cold here so I was pleasantly surprised. 

Pictured is what I ate for breakfast yesterday. The scrambled eggs are so yummy and the avocado pairs well with them. I can’t eat a lot of meat yet. 

I am going to try to do some laundry today. I am just adding things one at time because I get so tired.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me in the last 2-3 weeks. They worked because the surgery was a success and I am getting stronger every day. I appreciate all of you. 

Every Day

I Will Try a Little Post When I Have Some Energy

I am sitting here sipping Decaf black coffee with SF syrup because I am not allowed any creamer. I have been drinking tea the past few days but I really needed some coffee. It really isn’t that good.

Hubby has been great running errands, doing dishes, and fixing my meals and his meals. Although since I am eating the above at each meal, it isn’t that hard to open a jar. I do have some applesauce totally blenderized once in a while. Hubby has also been making me SF Jello.

And wow, those baby food jars are expensive. But I am saving the jars and caps because they come in handy to store so many little things.

Hubby went to the market on Sunday to get the things I needed and some rolls and cold cuts for himself. The poor guy looked all over for the deli which he could not find. He also couldn’t find the rolls he likes. They were either sold out or he couldn’t find the second set of shelves with just rolls. So no cold cuts and rolls for him. However he did want some Totino pizza rolls for snacks. He looked for almost 20 minutes for them. He looked in the stand up freezer cases. He found the pizza but no pizza rolls. He finally found them in a case in front of the fresh meat. The deli is really in an obscure place in the store. He missed it. He had me hysterically laughing( which hurt) telling me of his frustration and that nothing in the store makes logical sense. He is right about that. I never thought about it because I do all of the grocery shopping and I just know where everything is until they rearrange things.

So he is going today and I drew him a map of the store. He says he thinks he can find the deli now and the rolls. However, I have a list of about 20 items because it is 6% off Senior Discount Day. Hopefully he will remember to put our phone # in because he doesn’t like carrying a bonus card. I am sure it will be another amusing story when he gets home. I told him to ask for Virginia or another employee to ask if he can’t find something but he probably won’t. Men!! 

Hubby informed me that he took the last box of Kleenex and asked me to order some in bulk online. So I found a good deal at Amazon around the same price I would pay at Dollar Tree. 

He also wanted some Ming Tsai fry pans so I ordered those from HSN using Ebates to get 2% back. 

I am exhausted most of the time. This surgery really wore me out. So I sleep when ever I am tired whether that be daytime or nighttime. I noticed that Hubby hasn’t done any laundry and there are about 3 full loads there. So if he survives the trip to the grocery store, I will ask him later to do the laundry using the washer and dryer. I will fold it in between naps.

I am tired now so off to sleep. I will try to write when I am up to it.

Every Day

A Little of This and a Little of That

For any of you who do not live in the northeast, I posted the above picture. I wanted to post a picture before the leaves started falling and while they were much redder but you know what they say about the best laid plans. But the maple in our backyard is still pretty even though the frost we have had and the wind and rain have knocked a lot of leaves off it. Here in the Buffalo area, it seems that the pretty colors are far and few in between. Most of the trees turn yellow and then lose their leaves. In the Adirondacks where I used to live, there were trees like this with reds, pinks, and oranges everywhere and the beauty just surrounded us. I was hoping to go back east this fall but that just didn’t happen. So this picture will have to do. 

And every morning I wake up to the noise of trucks backing up and bulldozers working behind us. You can see a road parallel to my home. The builder is now selling 38 homes to be built for this new section.

Above is pictured the candy that I purchased on discount yesterday. The sales were not as good as other years. Rite Aid was the most disappointing. They marked all of their candy up and then took 50% off. For example: All of the fun size bags that you could buy for $2.- 2.50 before Halloween now will cost you $4.59 at the cheapest. I left empty handed.

Walmart had the 3 bags of chocolates. They are now in my freezer for cookies. They had hardly any candy left. They had tons of decorations if you needed those. I was so thrilled to see these Tootsie Pops in Big Lots. Hubby loves a pop once in a while as a treat. His favorite are the chocolate ones. When I saw these limited edition bags of all chocolate pops,  I stocked on 6 bags for him. The candy corn is for me. The Dum – Dum pops will be used for treats for the grandchildren. Lastly the caramels will be used for desserts for the holidays. They were purchased at Dollar General.

I will still be on the lookout for cakes and cookie dough that are Halloween themed. I just haven’t been in a grocery store since last last week. I may go later today. 

I am noticing after looking at the Top’s flyer and  other flyers online, that tomorrow the Thanksgiving sales are starting. I am seeing stuffing, chicken broth, cream soups, cranberry sauce, etc. What is nice at Top’s next week is that they are doing dollar doubler coupons too.  I have noticed that a few stores have Butterball turkeys at $ .89 a lb. That is $.10 – .20 cheaper per lb. than last year. I can’t wait to see what the store turkey prices will be. I will buy a Butterball for our Thanksgiving dinner and perhaps 3 store ones. This year I may cook 2 of the extras the week after Thanksgiving, food saver the meat, and freeze it. I will also make the gravy and freeze it. All of that will make future meals. I will simmer all of the bones and skin from Thanksgiving and the 2 extra turkeys to make lots of stock. That will also get frozen. Much of the frozen turkey will be used in place of chicken in recipes. I can’t buy chicken that cheap. The 4th turkey will be frozen for another holiday during the year. By cooking the turkeys and freezing the meat, it will leave me freezer space for rock bottom priced hams. Both turkey meat and ham get sliced on my food slicer and used for sandwiches for months. I can’t buy deli meat that cheap. 

Are any of you planning on buying more than one turkey this year? I am curious. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.        

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A Little Of This and Little Of That

My family came for a breakfast of homemade banana bread, scrambled eggs, and sausage yesterday. They stayed to watch our Buffalo Bills game so I made BLT’s for everyone. It was the first time that I felt up to cooking. The Bills won so it was a good day all the way around.

Nori came to visit too. Poor dog got spade last weekend so she has to wear this collar to prevent her from scratching at her stitches. She is not happy about it. West and she were good enough to pose for a picture to share with you. 

After breakfast I went to the store to do the weekly shopping. I was only interested in some meat that was on sale for $ 2.99 a lb. Since I have limited freezer space I only bought two sirloin tip roasts. One will be used today for beef stew. The other will be ground like I showed you here: Saving on Meat . I was happy when I got those steaks for $3.99 a lb. but I am thrilled to get these roasts at $2.99.  The one roast I will cut up and throw in the crock pot with red potatoes, onions, carrots, celery and some beef stock, which I will thicken an hour before the stew is done. That should feed us a number of meals this week. I may or may not pick up another one for the freezer on my way home from the dentist this week.

Besides not feeling well this past week and dealing with my dental issues, our cellphone bit the dust for sure this time. UGH! My son did some research for us and found a Samsung J7 cellphone that we could buy from Sprint for $312.48 including tax. Then we would just have Sprint transfer my number and activate it. I hated paying this for a phone but all the others were hundreds more. So when I got home from the market, my son and Hubby went to the Sprint store to do this. However there were two people in line ahead of them. They waited and waited for their turn. Guess what?  The two people bought the last two of this phone that the store had. They came home very disappointed. I was not looking forward to being without a phone again. 

So while they watched the game, I called another Sprint store in another town to see if they had one. Sure enough, so I made the hour trip to get it. My son activated it by calling Sprint when I got home with it. It’s his account so they wouldn’t do it for me. It’s activated, updated and all of our apps and our calendar is now on it. And I will sigh relief when I go out in the car again with it. My worst nightmare was getting stuck somewhere with a broken down car and no phone to call anyone. 

It has turned cold here finally. But we are doing okay for now without the heat on. I hate to turn it on so early. So Hubby has been bundling up in layers. He gets cold easily. A sweater does it for me.
I put an extra blanket on our bed and that has made the nights comfortable.
We just got our electric and gas bill and it was $ 108. since we had A/C on for so long. Most bills this summer were $20.-30. more than that. So I would like a low bill for at least a month before the heat goes on for the next 7-8 months. 

Today, I am planning on catching up things around here. I will clean the laundry room and possibly make a small container of homemade laundry detergent that I use on hand washables. The ecoegg does not work well on those. If so I will post my recipe. 

I also have some e-mails from the two couples to catch up and write back to them. I am hoping to do an update on how they are doing tomorrow. 

Are you getting any good grocery deals this week?

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A Few Days In My Life

I cooked a turkey breast from the freezer a couple of days ago. We had it with stuffing, gravy, and corn the first night. The next night we had turkey with gravy and fresh asparagus. After our second meal of
turkey, Hubby took it off the bone and we are using it for turkey
sandwiches and turkey salad for lunches.

Matter of fact, this one pound of fresh asparagus for $ 1.49 was purchased along with a $ 1.67 for 1/2 gallon of milk. That is all the shopping I have done this week. I could have gotten a 1/2 gallon of milk at Top’s for $ .88 with their coupon if I spent $20.00. Why would anyone spend $20.00 to save just $.79? Not me! 

One other night we had fish sticks and a Knorr pasta side. This one was Broccoli and Cheese. I have quite a stash in my stockpile of these because I got them free with double coupons. I would never spend money for them. They are awful unless you doctor them. So Hubby and I figured out a while ago that after they cook, you stir in a good handful of shredded 4 cheese blend while they sit the 2 minutes. Then they taste delicious!

Breakfasts have been an assortment of cereal, cantaloupe, bacon and eggs, and blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes with sausage on Sunday when my family came. 

The weather here has been beautiful the last few days so we have been taking advantage of it by sitting in the yard a lot. We watched the landscape company do the spring cleanup yesterday. Then today the sprinkler company came and opened our system for us. We have always done it ourselves to open. We normally only pay for the closing of it. However, Hubby wanted the grass around the sprinkler heads removed and all of the heads checked which is included in the opening. They replaced one  head at no extra charge to us. We also have ordered 10 more bushes from the landscape company that they will plant when they come in. So then we will be set for the season.

Hubby went out to start cleaning the outside of our windows with our pressure washer and it does not seem to be working. So he is researching for a good one at a decent price. Oh well, the windows can wait a few more days.

On Saturday and Sunday, I cleaned the garage. I could only do one side on Saturday since the snowblower on the other side wasn’t getting moved to the shed until my son came on Sunday. Then I was able to clean that side. We also sprayed for bugs around the garage and Hubby killed a few ant hills in the yards. I hate bugs! UGH! 

Tonight, Hubby was going to make homemade macaroni and cheese (which he has been craving) for dinner. However, his back started bothering him late afternoon, so I went and got subs for dinner.  I had $ 8.00 in reward money so I had them apply it to the cost. So two 12 inch subs were only a little over $ 7.00 including tax. I am hoping he will make the mac and cheese tomorrow night.

Other than that, I have been cleaning nooks and crannies and pitching things. I cleaned my master bedroom closet today and realized that so many of my spring and summer clothes are getting thread bare and need to be replaced. I hate clothes shopping. I always have even when I was a size 9. 
But I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and just do it. So I see a future trip to Kohl’s and J. C. Penney very soon. I need to gather some coupons first. 

I keep a pretty neat and organized house but this time I am cleaning like I will be moving soon. That gets me to easily get rid of things that I am just hanging on to for no real reason. My garbage cans that we took out for the morning show that I have been really busy. I am even having the garbage man take an old garbage can. I hate clutter and that old garbage can was just cluttering up our garage.

The rest of our home will be getting the same treatment as the garage and master closet did. 

As soon as Hubby is able to clean the outsides of the windows, I will then do the insides. I am not looking forward to cleaning 21 windows but they need to be done. 

I have also challenged myself to try to replace some of the money that I will be paying for my tooth extractions and denture next week. We have the cash to pay it but I hate taking cash out of savings. So I will put it on the credit card to get the reward points which I then turn in for cash. The bill will get paid when due. With cashing in a winter’s worth of Hubby’s Coke cans, cashing in some rebates from groceries, and cashing in some reward points, I have $ 29.25 so far and I just started saving and tracking it. Hopefully, I will have over $100. when I go to the bank next week so that I can put it in our savings account. I am just curious to see how long it will take to save that $4808. I know it will take a long time. But will it be a year, two or maybe three? This is not money that we save each month at the end of the month from our retirement money. It is separate money from rebates, Ibotta, Saving Star, Checkout 51, surveys, etc. 

Speaking of credit cards, I got my statement from one of the large banks today and my bill was $ 8.95 which will get paid in full when it is due. But I was quite amused because I think it is the lowest credit card bill in years. It looks like I have not been shopping very much the last month or so. That $ 8.95 was for 2 books for the grandchildren’s room so they have something new to read to me when they go to bed here. However my next bill will be huge with the denture charges on it so I will be cashing in reward points for cash when I pay that bill.

Besides laundry, that is about all we have been doing the past few days. I hope you are all having a fun, frugal and productive week. Till later…………… 

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A Little Of This and A Little Of That – May 1

Here is what we ate yesterday:

Breakfast: 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon with 1/2 an avocado on the side

Lunch: Leftover fajita casserole

Dinner:  Coconut Shrimp cooked in the air fryer dipped in orange sweet and sour sauce. Washed down with a glass of Chardonnay.

Hubby and I were not that hungry last night so we just had the wine and shrimp- no vegetables, rice or potatoes. I had to cut a few pieces(which is all I ate) of shrimp into tiny pieces in order to be able to eat it. Read on and you will find out why.

Yesterday was a pretty unproductive day for me. I woke up with a toothache and called my dentist to find out that he was out of town. They offered me to see the dentist on call but I decided to wait to see my dentist this afternoon. With my bridge involved, mine knows all the history. 

So I spent the day trying to get rid of the pain with Tylenol. It didn’t get rid of it altogether but it took the edge off. This morning it is aching so I can’t wait until I can go to my appointment. I am hoping that it won’t be an expensive trip but most likely it will be. UGH! I knew things were going too smoothly here. 

So cleaning the garage and car will have to wait until tomorrow. I just don’t have the stamina to even work on it this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful, productive, and money saving day.    

Every Day

A Little of This and A Little of That

Because of bad weather we had no company last weekend, not even my son and grandson. So I spent some time baking. I like to bake enough to fill up my oven to save on energy.

So I baked two loaves of pumpkin bread and two loaves of cranberry orange bread from scratch. Remember that  large container of OJ that I purchased recently. I used some of that for the cranberry orange bread. This week I also got 12 oz. containers of orange juice. We no longer drink OJ so I have frozen the OJ in 1/2 cup portions for my future baking projects.

We have lots of frozen cranberries that I purchased the Thanksgiving before last. I also have many pecans frozen for breads.

Pictured above is one loaf of cranberry that I almost forgot to take a picture of for you before I froze it. The other loaf Hubby had already started eating before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture. He demolished it by the next morning.  

 Pictured above is my favorite pumpkin bread. One loaf went into the freezer to serve to company this week. Yes, I am having company arriving on Thursday. And we are very excited that she is coming.

When Hubby and I were young, our very best friends had three children. We got together on almost a daily basis. Our kids all got along together and Darla and Jim and Hubby and I spent so many enjoyable years together that I still remember vividly especially going out almost every weekend and almost always spending Saturday mornings together. We loved them like they were our brother and sister. The same is true for their children. Tragedy struck when Jim was 41. He died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. We were so devastated and we did our best to comfort Darla. As a few years went on, Darla and the kids remained our closest friends. One spring break vacation Darla took the two younger kids to California to visit their grandparents. We took her oldest daughter to the airport so that she could fly back to college in Boston.  We got a telephone call from a good priest friend of ours one morning informing us that Darla had died suddenly in California. She also died of some kind of brain abnormality. We were in shock. Darla was flown back to her hometown for burial and we did our best to get everything ready at her home for her family coming in. Their oldest daughter, Allison went back to college afterward. Their youngest daughter who was 8 and their son who was about 13 went to live with Darla’s sister and her family in Colorado. We kept in touch over the years with Allison who is happily married and has a son in college now. The last time I saw her was about 10 years ago. I was delighted when she told me that she was coming to visit us this week. Hubby and I are so looking forward to spending time with her. Hubby hasn’t seen her in 20 years. So I will be absent from this blog getting ready for her arrival and to spend wonderful time and memories with her.  We are also looking forward to catching up with her and hearing about her brother and sister’s families.

So I will post when I have time. But if I am absent, I know you will all understand.  

The other night, I sauteed some onions and Montreal steak sausage in butter for dinner. Meanwhile, Hubby cooked some French Fries in our air fryer.

Hubby loves using the air fryer to crisp frozen items. I find it useless for from scratch recipes. They never seem to turn out well. If I had known that we would not have purchased one. 

We have West this weekend so that his parents can enjoy celebrating Katie’s birthday. So I am planning on making hamburgers and French fries tonight rather than feeding him high caloric McDonald’s ones. We are supposed to finally get some sun and weather in the 50’s so perhaps he and I can get outside for a walk.

I made him a special treat for a snack that he can munch on while he is here. I saw a video on You Tube where a woman who has a large family made snack mix in a black garbage bag. Well, we didn’t need that much so I made some in this large kettle today. I am hoping that he will enjoy helping me put it in gallon size bags tonight. I will leave some out for him and freeze the rest for the future. It will freeze nicely and not take long to thaw when I need it. I think I will call it “Everything But The Kitchen Sink Mix”. 

As always feel free to leave a comment.