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Here Comes 2023!

Whether we are ready or not it is coming. I sure hope it is better than 2022 but I think it is going to be another rough one. With Covid 19 ramping up in China again, we will not be seeing a lot of products from there in the near future. So I would suggest that any of you who do not have some kind of stockpile or storage of the things you use or need, start getting them. They will never be cheaper next year than they are now. As an example, Hubby has lost almost 35 lbs. since his heart attack in October. He needs some new long sleeve T shirts to keep himself warm in the house. What I am finding online is that there is very little variety in his size. I had to do a lot of searching to find something he would like and that was in stock. I was able to get him 5 in different colors at a reasonable price of $ 16.99 each. The days of buying his T shirts only at LL Bean are over. Before his heart attack, he ordered a couple of pair of jeans from them. at $ 60. per pair. He had worn one but one is still brand new with the tags. I will be returning that one.

Recently I also ordered another blanket for our king size bed. I had been complaining to Hubby for a while that our bed was not comfortable on my back. Since I was hospitalized and have all the nerve and disc issues, we are getting a new bed. We want one that has two different mattresses of firmness and that we can each separately put up the head or leg part when we need it. That kind of bed will only take twin linens on each side. So I will be returning the blanket. It is still in the original packaging and has never been used.

With the exceptions of clothes that Hubby needs because of his weight loss and our new bed, there will not be any other major purchases this year. Only real needs will be purchased. Any maintenance of our home will be a need and of course food, medicines, and gasoline are needs. But everything else will be considered a luxury. With my back issues, Hubby wants me to get a cleaning service to maintain our home. I am truly considering having someone come in and clean every other week. However, my back is starting to feel a little better. I go to the neurosurgeon in a couple of weeks. I will be finding out what I should and shouldn’t do. I will make a decision on the Maids at that time. In the meantime, Hubby is doing the cleaning and doing an excellent job.

I told you in a prior post that I was going to only spend $ 300. a month on food. I may have to up that if I end up having to get everything delivered. Those fees and tips for Walmart Grocery Delivery and Instacart really add up. It will all depend on how well I heal and what the doctor has to say. I am a very independent person so it is killing me that I may not be able to do certain things. I like doing my own shopping and actually seeing the products. But I do rely heavily on grocery delivery in the winter with the snow and ice.

Hubby and I rarely eat out because it has gotten so expensive. We will probably go to Russell’s, our favorite steak house, once or twice this year. I also used the Top’s gift card deal this Christmas to get $150. worth of Texas Roadhouse gift cards for $ 120. When we visit our son and granddaughter next we will use them. And of course, I am still working on the Panera gift cards that I purchased on that same deal 4-5 years ago. Gift cards never expire in New York. It takes a long time to use them because I only get bagels once in a while on the Tuesday deal.

If you haven’t set your budget for 2023, you still have a couple of days to do it. Hubby and I have ours all set. We know what we need for each category. Of course, we will change it if things change especially on food if we need to add a $100. or so to it. We are truly going to try to save as much as possible and spend as little as possible. Hard times are here so you need to save for them.

Our gasoline prices here are $ 3.49 a gallon. Yesterday when my son and granddaughter went home they filled up at the truck stop in Pembroke. He paid $ 2.62 a gallon. That is a huge difference. I wish that truck stop was closer to me. It is not worth using the gasoline to get there. But if we have to go that way, you can bet we will fill up there. So in the meantime, we use the car as little as possible and I fill up using Top’s gas points to get money off. If I don’t have points, I can usually get a good price at B.J.’s.

Since we receive Social Security, we are getting a raise in our January deposits. We know what those amounts will be after taxes(we pay Federal taxes on 85% of our Social Security). So we have included that amount in our budget. It will go to savings.

I am getting tired so I am going to rest now. There will be more on what we are going to do to save as much as possible in 2023 tomorrow.

Is your budget set? What are you going to do to save money?