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Cutting Costs The Past Ten Days

I have been on a vacation the past ten days. I needed some time away from the daily routines of life. Now that I am rested, I am back.

We did not do a lot during this time to cut costs. But these are the few we did do:

  1. I filled up the car with gasoline using my Top’s points getting $.50 off per gallon. The gasoline price was $ 3.69 per gallon so I paid $3.19 per gallon.
  2. I cooked from scratch all except for one day. That day we got Subway 12 inch subs. We ate half for brunch and the other half for dinner which gave me a much needed day off from cooking. I used a coupon for get two foot longs for $12.99 which was a very good deal.
  3. My son and West took us out on Saturday morning to celebrate Father’s Day. Hubby enjoyed it and I loved not having to cook. We had a great breakfast at our local family owned Greek restaurant.
  4. Hubby has needed some new shorts for a while. His were fraying badly. I think they may have been 10 years or older. So he found 2 pair on LLBean on sale. They were not inexpensive but nothing seems to be today. I used Rakuten to get 2% off and used my cash back credit card to earn 1%. We did not have to pay shipping.
  5. I have been watching our water usage carefully because it is now sprinkler season which costs a lot of money. We have not had to use the sprinklers a lot until this week. We were 91 yesterday and they have forecast high 90’s right through Friday. The lawn, shrubs and flowers will be very thirsty. So navy showers are definitely a thing. I am very careful using water in the kitchen and for cleaning.
  6. I filled out 5 rebates and mailed them in.
  7. I hemmed two pairs of jeans. I am short and even though I order my jeans short, they are still too long for me.
  8. I am washing my own windows and washing my own walls to save on paying someone to do it.
  9. My Fetch account got all screwed up and I have been trying to get it fixed. It has not been easy and is not there yet.
  10. I am not doing any grocery shopping this week. We are eating from our pantry.
  11. Hubby wanted meatloaf for dinner on Father’s Day. I made him a very large one. I hate meatloaf but I made it and ate it. For some reason this one tasted pretty good. So we ate it on Monday night too. Hubby has been eating it for brunch also.
  12. For something different tonight, I am making a 9×13 chicken potpie casserole using leftover cooked chicken and turkey that was frozen, corn on the cob, that I cut off last last August and froze, that needed to be used up, sliced carrots, diced celery, diced potatoes, chicken broth and cream of chicken soup with herbs. I just put it in the oven. We will season it when we eat it according to our tastes.
  13. For entertainment this afternoon, we have been watching the men’s college baseball championship.
  14. Remember in a prior post I told you that I cancelled Peacock that I was getting for $ 5.99 a month. Well I did not know that Peacock was carrying the Olympics. So this weekend Hubby asked me if we had Peacock. I said no because I had just cancelled it. Well, I went out and looked for a deal and signed Hubby up with an account using the deal for $ 19.99 for one year. I will cancel it next June before it costs us full price. That saved us $ 51.89.

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Hi Precious. We went to visit hubby’s parents last weekend. It wasn’t much of a frugal trip other than we made dinner for Father’s Day instead of taking Hubby’s dad out to eat. It was his choice and he wanted us to make biscuits and gravy. So we went to Kroger and got what we needed. It was $14.xx instead of eating out. We took pizza and salad over to Hubby’s brother’s house. Since he is sick, it works better to take something over to their house to visit instead of them coming to their mom’s house. He is not able to get out much now.

This week so far we are eating leftovers and what we have. I will go to the store tomorrow or Thursday. It is hot here also, so will do some easy things that don’t heat up the house. We are trying to be careful with water use also. Hubby got his hillbilly watering system going for the garden last week so that helps. Our water bill was the usual 71.xx this month which I was surprised about. It is usually a little more in the summer when we are watering.

Thanks for mentioning the Olympics. We like to watch them also.

Hi Chris,

It sounds like you had a good time. It is so nice that you honored your Hubby’s Dad’s wishes. And treating his brother was so special since it is harder for him to get out.

I think perhaps the rain helped with your watering. We seem to have plenty of it here.

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