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It Feels Good To Be Back

I am happy to be back blogging. It has been a hectic 5 weeks. I needed the time off to can a lot of meat among other things. My latest was 7 pounds of ground beef. I have many more stored away besides these. Each pint jar will give us 2 meals each.

Hubby helped me to can the peaches. I purchased a 1/2 bushel at Niagara Produce that were ready to be canned. I already had all the canning supplies which I purchased last year. Walmart has the best price on good canned peaches. They are $ 2.44 each. I got my peaches at under $ 1.54 for each jar. Yes, a bit of time was needed to do it. But I actually love canning and so does Hubby. We had a little bit left over that we had cut up and they were so delicious. I ended up with a total of 20 jars. Plus I made 6 jars of freezer jam. I think Hubby has eaten a bit of one of the jams already on bagels.

I also got the ground beef at $ 2.99 a pound. I made a big meatloaf that Hubby and I had for 3 dinners and canned the rest of it. A can of purchased Keystone Ground Beef is going for $ 5.04 a pound. Canning it saves me a lot of money.

My freezers are slowly going down. I have not been doing a lot of shopping the past 5 weeks. Plus I am canning all of the chicken and ground beef in my freezers that I am able to. They are predicting a very cold and snowy winter for us. I do not want a lot of food in my freezers in case we have a power outage.

We had an outage last week but fortunately it only lasted a couple of hours. When the power came back on, we had a communication failure with our alarm system. I was concerned that the system was blown. But after calling our alarm company, they said it was working on their end so we were protected. They gave Hubby directions to clear the panels and waited on the phone till everything was cleared. It is working fine on both their end and ours now.

Right now, I am roasting 2 large roasting chickens in my big turkey roasting pan. They should be done in about 25 minutes. Top’s has rotisserie chickens on sale this week for $ 7.49. But my 2 roasting chickens were purchased at Walmart in the Perdue Twin Pack for $ 1.14 a pound. I got some a few weeks ago and I was surprised that they are still at that price. I paid $ 12.87 this morning for these and they are much bigger than the ones that are already cooked at Top’s. We will have one for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. Then I will take the rest of the meat off that one and the other one and freeze it for many meals. The carcasses will go in the crockpot overnight to make bone broth. That I will can. This saves me from having to buy broth at the store and mine turns out thicker and tastier.

Because food prices are rising so quickly and I believe that the prices will keep going up into 2024, Hubby and I have put a new plan and budget in place for groceries. More about that in another post.

We also had so many doctor appointments and tests that needed to be done this past month. I needed to concentrate on those.

Then the last half of the month, West came to spend a weekend with us.

We also had family on my Hubby’s side come and visit us from Houston,Texas for 5 days. So as you can see we had a very busy last month.

I am actually glad that company is gone and I can get back to what needs to be done around here.

I really hope you are all well and had a wonderful August and Labor Day weekend. I missed you all.

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Hi Precious! It is SO good to see you back. It is interesting to see all the canning you have done. Especially the peaches. I told hubby that next year after he retires, I would like us to see about canning some peaches together. I am glad yours have turned out so well and good to eat. Hubby has been taking a lot of his cucumbers and different peppers and making different kinds of pickles. First he made the kind that are fermented on the counter top. (I don’t like those, but he does). Then last weekend he made refrigerator pickles for us and our kids. He made me some that are dill with no garlic for me and they are good.

Over the holiday weekend just past, he got some big salmon fillets at Costco and is making 2 kinds of salmon jerky. The first kind he smoked yesterday and it was delicious. He is smoking the second kind today and when both are done, I will help him food saver most of it and freeze so we will have later. Might give some for Christmas. And he will share some with our kids and take some into work for the guys to try.

I am so glad West got to come stay with you. Our granddaughters are ok and school has started here a few weeks ago. Little granddaughter is working on potty training. They are both taking a tumbling class and older granddaughter started piano lessons. We are all going to Fla later in Sept to go to the wedding of their aunt, who is our son in law’s sister. The girls are going to be flower girls and I will be sure to send you a picture.

The last thing I wanted to ask you was about an air fryer. I was wondering if you had one, and if so which one you have and what do you cook in it? I am thinking about getting one, but just starting to research.

Hi Chris,

Thanks. Refrigerator pickles are yummy. Enjoy!

I bet that smoked salmon is wonderful!

Enjoy that wedding. I look forward to their picture.

I have a Power Air Fryer Pro. It is an air fryer oven with three shelves. We love it and use it a lot. We do steak in it over the winter. We do chicken, homemade fries, chicken legs, mozzarella sticks, lamb chops, salmon is so good cooked in it, etc.

Hi Precious. Glad you are back. You were missed!
I’ve been busy also getting all this produce into jars. LOL!
I can’t believe you’re cooking in all this heat! Gonna reach the 90s today and tomorrow. Oh autumn, where are you?
The price for food is just plain, pure shock and awe. Le sigh. I keep cutting more and more out of our shopping list. Like candy!!! Thank goodness there will be a huge sale on it once Halloween is over. 🙂
Our new oven is also an air fryer. We make “fired” chicken in ours. Love it! We also have a counter top model. We warm up our croissants in that one. They come out crunchy. Delish!

Hi Cindi,

Thanks! I missed you guys too. I am glad you are doing your canning. I think it is going to be an awful winter in NY.

Yup, I roasted those birds with the air conditioning running. Not smart but it had to be done.

I hate this heat. It is supposed to cook down into the low 70’s here tomorrow.

Food is outrageous and going to go higher with scarcities and the gas drilling being stopped in Alaska. Gasoline is going to skyrocket.

We are not eating candy or ice cream either. I am again not doing Halloween except for the 4 children who live next store to us. I am having specialty cookies made at a bakery for them. But I will hit the 50% off sales to stock for the next year.

Our oven is convection also. YUM on the croissants.

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