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A Little of This and A Little of That

It’s been a little over a month since I wrote a post. I have been dealing with a health issue so things have been busy and stressful. However, I got good news on Tuesday. I am in good health. So I hope to be on here a little more often and life is getting back to normal. I can finally get back on the treadmill and bike which has made me very happy!

Grocery shopping is taking a little more time these days. With so many shelves bare in the stores, finding things on my list has not been easy. Even Walmart seems to be out of things I need lately.

That said, I stumbled on a bargain yesterday and you know that the bargains are hard to come by these days. I found these 4 instant coffees at Aldi’s. They were on clearance in the ” Here today, gone tomorrow aisle.” I asked someone I know who works there why they were on clearance. He said the label was changed. They usually cost about $7.00+ but they were on clearance at $ 1.89 each. They are very handy to have when the power is out. We dealt with that a couple of weeks ago. We had power out on two consecutive days. I have a gas stove so I can boil water on it. So if you are in need of instant coffee, look for them at your Aldi’s.

With the exception of fresh produce, dairy and meat, I do as little shopping as possible these days. If I see a steal on sale at the market, I will go pick it up. Our Top’s ran a deal this week on Johnsonville Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage which Hubby loves. For every 5 that you purchased you got them for a $ 1.00 off which made them cost $ 2.99 each. At Walmart they cost $ 3.87. I picked up 15 of them. Each package makes 3 meals for us. Hubby loves Spanish rice so I make that and add 2 sausages sliced up into it. Then I hand him the hot sauce bottle and you would think I just cooked him a gourmet meal! It’s easy and with the peppers and onions that I put in it, it is all we need to eat for a meal.

With prices so high on so many things, we have decided to ration our food, household supplies, and gasoline. What I mean by that is that I am very conscious of what portions I serve. I make sure that we eat the proper portions for one serving whether it be meat, a vegetable or fruit, or a starch. We also have no food waste. Food is too expensive to throw in the garbage. Take your leftovers and either eat them on consecutive days until they are gone or freeze them for another day. I also take bits of meat and veggies that are leftover and freeze them in a bag to make soup when it gets full. If I have produce starting to go bad, I will freeze it for smoothies. If it is onions, celery, or carrots, I slice them and freeze them to go in casseroles, soups or stews. I am making as many of our condiments homemade as I can. We are mostly eating at home. It is so much cheaper. Even fast food is expensive! So we eat our “fast food” homemade.

Inflation is killing all of us! So you need to have your frugality kick in wherever you can! I got gas yesterday which was $ 4.40 a gallon. I had no gasoline points. UGH! But we are making that gas stretch as far as we can.

I run my errands in a circle and batch all errands together with any appointments we have. I am not a lead foot. I keep my tires filled with the proper amount of air. Any excess weight in the car has been removed. We are making our tanks of gasoline last as long as possible. I know that so many of you commute to work and you can’t avoid the high prices but you can do whatever you can to get a few more miles out of that tank of gasoline. For those of you who work from home, you are lucky. For those of you who have small businesses, I worry about you. It has been a tough economy for two years and it does not seem to be getting any better.

We are using up all of our cleaning products and finding ways to save on those when we need new ones. For example, I am now making laundry detergent using just washing soda and a bar of Zote grated. We are close to being out of dishwasher soap so I am making my own. I always use microfiber cloths to clean and save the small amount of paper towels that I use for draining bacon or something really messy. Keep an open mind on how you can cut down on these costs. I think about it every time I get to the end of a store bought product. We are getting close to being out of liquid hand soap. I have lots of bar soap so we are switching to that. There are so many ways to save money.

We were delighted to have company for an early dinner this past Wednesday. Friend’s of my son came to visit. I got to meet a lovely young woman and it was a fun time. I made a delicious dinner of chicken, salad, and wild rice. I baked brownies for dessert. We baked a casserole of chicken chunks, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, spices and crushed Ritz crackers for a topping. It was a delicious meal and we had it again yesterday for dinner. There is still enough leftover for lunch today. It turned out to be an economical casserole too!

How are you guys saving in these tough days? Please share in the comments so that others may benefit from your advice.

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Hi Precious. I am really glad to see that your health appointments went well and you are able to exercise again. I know you are ready for warmer weather and being able to go outside, and so am I. I am also happy for the time change so hubby and I can go for walks in the evening again. I had little granddaughter out today before things got colder this afternoon. I think it is always good to get them outside when I have them if I can.

All the things you have been talking about with the grocery stores and the stock is finally happening here. This week I had trouble getting some sale things at both Meijer and Kroger. I am thankful I have a good stockpile, with just a few gaps, and the 1/4 pig we ordered is coming this weekend. The 1/4 cow should be ready in April. I still haven’t made my Aldi run, but going to do soon.

I got gas right before the big price jump, and probably won’t need more for awhile. I try to fill up again when I get down to 1/2 tank. We are fortunate that Hubby’s company pays for his gas and he gets a car allowance. He will be getting a company car soon, instead of these, since he is going to more job sites.

I will have to think about some of the cost cutting measures you wrote about today.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your good wishes.

Yeah on that 1/4 of a pig. That will last quite a while.

Yup, things are getting bad all over. The shortages are going to get worse especially with wheat, rice, corn, and fertilizer being in short supply.

I did the same with the gasoline. But since I don’t go out that often, I top off when I am out even if I am only down a 1/4 of a tank. The prices are not going to get any cheaper than it is that day. The same goes for food.

So glad that your Hubby is getting a company car. That is quite a benefit.

Blessings to you and your family.

Precious, we ended up going to Aldi last night so I got the usual things I stock up on there like applesauce and graham crackers. Also got a few sugar and flour, per your recommendation. Hubby went too, since he was wanting to get some cucumbers and other things to experiment with fermenting. We also found the 15 Oz cans of Skyline chili for 4.72, which is quite a discount for them. They are 5.99 at other stores. So I bought 6 cans of them to have on hand for quick meals. I can have this on my healthy eating occasionally if I add a can of kidney beans to it and watch my portion and the amount of cheese I put on it. The 6 cans will last a year here. It is mostly to keep us from ordering carry out on days like when I have a sick granddaughter. We spent 97.xx, but I won’t have to go for awhile unless I want to start shopping there again. I had been avoiding going there often during the pandemic since their aisles are narrower than other stores.

Hi Chris,

I love their applesauce. Make sure you that you freeze that flour for about 48 hours to kill any bug eggs. Then let the bag sit out to get all the moisture out. I then store it in a 5 gallon bucket inside a closed mylar bag with an oxygen absorber in it. If you don’t have a 5 gallon bucket, you can use some mylar bags but put an oxygen absorber in each one. Or store it in glass jars with an absorber in each. The sugar is fine for years in it’s own bag. Do not put an oxygen absorber in it. It will turn into a brick.

I have never fermented. I use cucumbers to make pickles when they are cheap here locally. You will have to update me on Hubby’s experiment.

Nice deal on the chili!

Very glad you are doing well. Same as most, just analyzing everything. Lots of stocking up this month as I was tired of the stores being out of our daily foodstuffs. Small town, tiny Walmart and grocery stores that cater to tourists. Anytime hubs was near a Super Walmart he stopped for basics and was even near a Costco 1 day last week and was able to stock up there.

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