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Changes are Coming

I think most of you would agree with this statement. 2020 has been an awful year! I am happy to see it ending although I don’t know if 2021 will be better or not. We can hope and pray that this vaccine will work. Only time will tell.

I have to be honest and tell you that I have been in a funk lately and have not felt like blogging at all. But the New Year coming has given me renewed hope for a much better year. So I have shaken off the funk and will be regularly blogging starting on New Year’s Day. I will have a couple of more posts before then.

Before I tell you what I plan for January, here is a little bit of what has been going on here.

Most of our groceries have been delivered by Walmart +. That is working out very well for us. The drivers are usually on time and let you know when they will be arriving. I just open my garage door and they put the bags on the bench where we sit to put our shoes and boots on. As soon as they are gone, I bring everything into the kitchen and sort it out as to where it needs to be put away.

However, I did venture out to Niagara Produce the other day to purchase 10 lbs. of ground chuck and 3 very small filet mignons for Hubby and I to have for Christmas dinner. We will be alone and this will be our treat. I was surprised at how small they were and how expensive they were.

Part of the ground chuck is pictured above. I had already put up about 4 lbs. into ziploc bags and into the freezer. That meat will get used first so it won’t freezer burn.

The rest pictured I used the food saver on and froze it for meals in the far off future. We had only one pound of ground meat left in our freezer before I shopped. I usually buy my ground beef at Aldi’s but it has been way to crowded lately to go in there. This beef is good and was only about $.10 more a lb.

We had planned on having spiral sliced ham for Christmas. Our son called and surprised us to tell us that he and Alexa are coming for a visit on this coming Sunday for a few days. So I am saving the ham for dinner that day so that we can celebrate again with them. We are very excited that they are coming.

Now for 2021 plans. I am going to be doing two Challenges in January. It will be a NO SPEND month and an EXERCISE EVERY DAY month. Details will be forthcoming. These are the two challenges that I desperately need. Hopefully, you will join me if this is what you need.

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Hi AD. So glad to see your son and granddaughter are coming. That will definitely lift your spirits.

I did an Aldi trip last week and got the applesauce and a few other stock up items. I also bought a can of their decaf coffee to try. Have you ever tried and is it good? I am going this morning to Kroger before it gets crowded. Our granddaughter is coming later this morning for the day since our usual day is Christmas.

I bought two porterhouse steaks to replenish the two hubby and I had eaten out of our freezer. I have a set way how I like our freezer stocked now. The steaks were on sale. Nonetheless, the two of them came out to $18.46. This is just too too much for red beef anymore. I decided right there and then to eat more plant based foods. That was over 3 weeks ago. I haven’t felt this good in years! Who knew? Since I’m the main cook, hubby was forced to eat more veggies too. He even tried his hand at some vegan recipes I gave him. Made his first, all vegan chili. It was delish! Who the heck knew?
Now I have a freezer stocked with meats that neither one of us want to eat anymore! UGH! Hubby said he’ll eat beef every once in a while. I suppose the chicken and turkey can suffice for me. But I can honestly say for 2021, red beef and much meat will no longer be on our main menu anymore. I’m a vegetarian now! Woo hoo.
PS: I lost a few pounds too!

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