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August 22: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

I went out the door early this morning to go to Niagara Produce. They had their turkey cutlets on sale again for $2.99 a lb. Hubby loved this turkey recipe that I made a week or so ago so he wanted me to get some more cutlets.

I only had room for 5 packages in the freezer so that is what I purchased. Since we are having hot dogs for dinner tonight, I picked up hot dog rolls too. I have given up wasting precious space in the freezer for bread.

As I was driving back home, I remembered that West had mentioned that he would like donuts for breakfast one day. So I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a dozen donuts. They have gone up a $1.00 in price to $ 9.99. They were so good that there are only two left. 

I had $ 99.68 left in my monthly grocery budget. I spent $29.47 this morning. I have $ 70.21 left for the rest of August. 

Dinner tonight was easy hot dogs on buns. This was Hubby’s. West opted last minute not to eat hot dogs. He does not like Sahlen’s hot dogs because they have the skin on the outside that he does not like.  I always have meats and cheeses in the deli drawer so he had his choice of many different ones. He opted for sliced pepperoni and cheese. He ate a plate full and was very happy. He and Hubby had oreo cookies for dessert.

I haven’t heard from West’s parents this weekend but I imagine they are loving having a weekend to themselves. West texted them earlier and they were out in the car geocaching. I had no idea what that was but West explained it to me.

We are about to play a board game. I hope you all are having a great weekend.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I haven't bought a dozen donuts for awhile, wow, have they gone up in price! Hubby used to do geocaching with our kids when they were home. We are having a quiet weekend. Tomorrow Hubby is going to smoke a pork loin. I had gone to Meijer b/c they had the halves for .99/lb but were out. The meat man was nice enough to give me a whole one for the same price. It was 9 lb. So a lot of meat. We will share with our daughter's family and also her in-laws. Hubby is thrilled to have a big hunk of meat to smoke. LOLOL! Have a good weekend. Our older granddaughter had to go to the dr. this morning b/c she had an ear infection that needed meds. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

I rarely freeze bread either. It takes up so much room, and the value vs freezing meat just isn't the same. Sounds like you are having a great time with West!

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