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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping

I am being honest when I say that I didn’t take a lot of pictures of what we ate last week. I had a very busy week so this just didn’t happen.

We had our usual meat and eggs for breakfast and no lunches. We had two nights of homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Mine was on homemade zoodles. We had two nights of Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken and asparagus which is pictured above. We had one night of pizza while my grandson was here. Being totally honest, I actually ate a piece of pizza. That being said, I was sick the entire next day. It seems the pizza did not agree with me. My body does not seem to like carbohydrate laden food anymore. So I will not be doing that again. The other two nights we had Chef’s salads. I continue on my weight loss journey. 

I went to the grocery store twice this past week. At Top’s, I purchased: 

3 dozen eggs – $ .59 each or $ 1.77
1 All Purpose Flour – -$ 2.99
1 Baking Powder – $ 2.69

Total OOP was $ 7.45

At Aldi’s, I purchased:

Red Seedless Grapes – $ .89 a lb. – $ 2.52
1 Heavy Whipping Cream – $ 1.55
1 Whipped Cream Cheese – $ 1.49
1 Feta Cheese – $ 2.99
1 Irish Butter – $2.49
1 Queso Fresco Cheese – $ 2.49
1 bag of Avocados – $4.99
1 frozen Asian Blend Vegetables – $ 1.69
1 frozen Brussel Sprouts – $ 1.09

Total OOP was $ 21.30.  

I know that I could have purchased the flour and baking soda cheaper at Aldi’s. But I didn’t because I do not like their baking ingredients. They have a funny taste.

When I can get eggs this cheap, I stock. They had a limit of three but if I go near Top’s again, I will get three more. We use a lot of eggs for breakfasts.

I am trying the Irish Butter which Aldi’s now has under their own label. It is exactly the ingredients of the name brand. It is made with milk from grass fed cows. If we like it, I am hoping they have it on sale near Thanksgiving and I will stock up. We still have a lot of pounds of butter that we purchased last Thanksgiving.

I don’t know how much longer I will buy avocados now that they are no longer in season. They are expensive. But I needed them for something this week and I love them. So we will see. 

Did you make a new recipe this week that you loved? Would you share it with us. Did you get any deals at the grocery store this past week?

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No grocery shopping yet this week. We keep a deep pantry & freezer and right now it's prime farmer's market season. Tomorrow after work I'll stock up on eggs and whatever veggies call to me. I'm hoping for a good local watermelon too. Also my boss is butchering 2 hogs they raised for the fair. They have an extra 1/2. I'm not sure of the price but I has to be cheaper across the board than store-purchased pork. They said they are pretty lean so I will probably only get some smaller roasts for Carnitas and the rest made into breakfast sausage. Chops are always too dry. We have a friend who has exclusive hunting rights on our ground. He gifts us with a case of bacon every year as a thank you. We should gift Him with a thank you. It is always a wonderful, practical gift.

Hi Kay,

I love how you get your bacon. I hope you get a great price on the 1/2. The only chops I like are the sirloin bone in ones. The loin chops are too dry.

I tried a cheesy ranch bacon chicken dish as well this week, but no one at my house was a fan. I'll have to keep trying. I also ate carbs this week & feel huge & bloated. Must get back to my highly reduced carbs & sugar plan. (I still eat a few carbs here & there).

I did get ground turkey & sausage discounted to $.99/lb, which was a great deal.

Hi H.P.

Hubby wasn't crazy about it either. I was bloated from just one piece of pizza and so sick so I understand. I have given up carbs except for low carb veggies. Wow! That was a great deal on the ground turkey and sausage.

I so wish we had an Aldi's here, but I need to be grateful that we have a WInco. For years we didn't and we would drive 30 miles once a month to shop at a WInco.

Hi AD, this is Chris. We were on our vacation for part of this week, and when we got home, made a quick trip to Kroger for necessities, along with eating stuff from the freezer. We have been doing easy things since I hadn't been feeling good. Hubby went to the farmers market on Sun. and got some good tomatoes so when the kids come tomorrow for supper we are going to have BLTs.

I wanted to report also that our 1/4 cow has been butchered from hubby's coworker. We will go to get later in the week, but I already paid for it, it was $3/lb and a small processing fee. I wrote a check for $573. That is a lot cheaper than I can get for beef in the store. We are looking forward to it, and it should last a couple of years now that we are not eating beef as often as we did.

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