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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping

We ate our usual breakfasts this past week. For dinner we had the following:

Steak with mushrooms and asparagus for me and steak with steak sauce and mac and cheese for Hubby – 1 night.

Cheeseburgers with Dill Pickles 2 nights- Hubby had sauteed onions on his and I had mushrooms on mine.

Roast chicken and gravy on rice for Hubby and I had mine on riced cauliflower – 1 meal.

Hubby made chicken salad and I had chicken with broccoli – 2 nights. 

I made homemade chicken soup with veggies for me and the same for Hubby but I added cooked rice to his soup. – 1 night. 

We had steak leftover from dinner so we made steak with eggs for one breakfast. Of course, I had my usual 1/2 an avocado with it.

We had leftover chicken that I froze for a future stir fry.

In an effort to eat from our freezer, I fixed Hubby a box of Stouffer’s mac and cheese that needed to be used up.

If we were hungry at lunchtime we would have pepperoni and a cheese stick. Most lunchtimes we were not hungry.

The grocery shopping we did last week was pretty bare bones. I picked up at:


1 large can of Tomato Sauce – $ 2.98

1 Riced Cauliflower – $ 2.48

1 bag of Onions – $ 1.94

1 bag of Tomatoes on the Vine – $ 2.78

1 SF Chocolate Pudding – $.50

1 SF Gelatin – $ .36

2 Kotex U Liners – After a $4.00 Q, I made $ 1.72 which was deducted from the rest of my order.

Total OOP was $ 9.32.


2 Turkey Breasts on sale for $.88 a lb. One was $6.81 and one was $ 6.18.

1 Head of Lettuce – $.88 

Total OOP was $ 13.87.

The tomato sauce was needed to make homemade spaghetti sauce. I use this recipe: Spaghetti Sauce 
It is delicious and frugal. I freeze it in meal size portions.  

I was pricing their SF puddings and SF jello and found that the Great Value brand is a lot cheaper at Walmart. The Top’s brand was $.79 each. Next time I go to Aldi’s, I will check their price. So from now on when my stockpile is depleted, I will buy it at Walmart unless Aldi’s is cheaper. 

The liners were a money maker so I will donate those.

We needed lettuce and this was cheaper than Romaine. The turkey breasts are great for many meals and sandwiches. 

Did you find any good deals at the grocery store this week? Did you cook anything you want to share? 

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