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Grocery Shopping and What We Ate

There was very little that I needed to get at the grocery store this week. So I did a quick shop at Top’s because of their sale prices.

We are very short on meats for Sunday breakfasts. Oscar Mayer was on B1G1F so I got 2 packages. I got the last two of three sale cartons of eggs that they had in the store. I actually had to wait in line in dairy to get them. Everyone was loading up because 18 eggs for $ .99 is cheap here. 

My BabyBel’s were $ 5.99 so I got one. Hubby was running out of Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea so I stocked on 4. We seem to always need creamer. And they finally restocked the SF Cool Whip which I love on SF Jello and SF Pudding. It was on sale for $1.99 so I got 3.

My total shopping this week came to $ 39.42. 

Here are the seven dinners we had this week. The first night we had a second night of Egg Roll in a Bowl. The next night I roasted a turkey tenderloin in the toaster oven. We had that sliced with mashed cauliflower for me and corn on the cob for Hubby. We had the same on the third night. On the fifth night we chunked up the remainder of the turkey and ate it on a big salad.

The sixth night, I roasted 4 chicken thighs. We had those with steamed broccoli. 

The last night I roasted BBQ pork chops in the toaster oven and Hubby had corn on the cob and I had tomatoes and cucumbers.

Did you get any good deals this past week at the grocery store? 

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Hi AD, this is Chris. One thing that I got last week that I thought was a good deal were the big cans of Bush's baked beans for .99/can. Otherwise, I just got the usual things we needed. Kroger is having another of their mega sales, but I didn't need many of the things that were on it, nothing that was a stock up deal anyway. They did offer some digital coupons for free items, so I got a free bag of chips, a free small container of ice cream and a free bottle of BBQ sauce. This week Meijer is having their 10/10 sale so I will go later in the week and get a few things. I like when they have this sale b/c there are certain things like pretzels and frozen veggies that are always on it, so can get those things then. They have the sale about every 6 weeks. They have a package of pretzels that are in alphabet shapes that our granddaughter loves, so I always get them if we are in need.

Hi Chris,

Nice shopping especially on the beans. I so miss my Kroger(Fry's in AZ). Their prices and sales were just the best. Give your granddaughter a kiss and hug for me.

We are on the coast, just my husband & I for a few days. We picked up a piece of salmon at Costco, along with a few other supplies. We also brought produce that would go bad from our house. We've been eating fruit & eggs in the morning, salads for lunch, & salmon for dinner. It's easy to decide when you have a very small inventory of food. 😉

Hi Hawaii Planner,

I hope you are having a better trip since your biking accident. Salmon, oh how I love that. I am taking some out of the freezer right now to thaw for tomorrow night.

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