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2019 Goal: Save for Christmas

Every year I have good intentions to save up all “extras” for Christmas gifts. I did pretty well in 2018 but I know when I get busy I miss things.

So in 2019 I will be more focused. I plan on saving all bottle return money in a jar. In New York, we have a $.05 deposit on all returnable cans of soda and beer, and water bottles. I don’t buy bottled water now but Hubby does drink Diet Coke and we have the occasional beer bottle. I have two bags here that need to be taken back so they will go in the 2019 Christmas Fund.

We already save all of our change in a container for the grandchildren which we love doing. So that idea is out!

But I can save every survey and rebate check that I get. That would include rebates from Ibotta and Fetch. I will also save rebates from Saving Star,  Checkout51, Ebates, and from searching through Bing. I already have a rebate check sitting here waiting to be cashed. Since our Christmas shopping is all done and paid for, I will start my 2019 savings with that check and the bottle returns.

I do a fair amount of grocery and wine and liquor rebates during the year. So they will be saved for Christmas 2019.  

We get cash rewards from using our credit cards. I can save that money and use it for Christmas presents. Since we charge almost everything on our best rewards card and pay it in full every month, that money adds up very quickly. I just cashed in for $100. so I will save that.

I can’t think of any more right now but if I do later, I will add them to my list.  I would love to hear your ideas for saving money for Christmas 2019. Please leave any suggestions in the comments. 

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I have a tracker in my spreadsheet that I call "unplanned" money. I track everything from selling on eBay/Facebook groups, to random rebates, checks from an insurance company, work reimbursements (I try to cover the costs out of pocket & then treat the reimbursement as "unplanned). I split the unplanned money between mortgage paydown & college savings. So far this year, it's been over $10k! I was blown away by this, and in previous years, this would have just been frittered away, caught up in our normal spending. By tracking it separately & treating it differently, we've made a lot of progress. I plan to continue this in 2019.

Hi Hawaii Planner,

I love that you track it and that you have such a great plan for that money! $10,000. is awesome. I will be tracking all of mine in 2019 too.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I have a set amount taken out of our checking acct each month for Christmas, kind of like the old fashioned Christmas Club accounts. I do try to buy all year if I see something for a good price that I can just cash flow. When I was sick, we went to the buying one gift and giving the rest in cash for our kids and granddaughter, and that has worked well to stay in budget.

I usually start buying presents over the Summer, although I do ask the kids what they want in November. My budget is always $0! One year, I only spent $30 on 7 people and that was for a blanket for my youngest child. I used rewards points for gift cards, was credited money by Amazon, used money from Swagbucks and had Best Buy gift cards. Everyone got gift cards to restaurants, Target, Walmart, Game Stop, etc. I used some gift cards to buy presents like radar detectors, video games, books, clothing…..

This year will be a repeat. Now,I have spent $87.50 so far on 3 coin books, a bag of silver coins and after shave. I'm saving up the Swagbucks for gift cards and have gotten a $50 gas card with rewards points. I won't spend any more cash and may use gift cards to buy presents, if I get requests for tangible items.

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