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Our 2019 Goals

We have always had goals we want to reach each year. While we have been pretty good at raising our net worth every year even though we are retired, we have smaller goals that we want to concentrate on in 2019 that will help us raise our net worth but also let us concentrate on things we have always wanted to learn. 

In some cases, they are things that we want to make habits in our household. Many will be learning to make things from scratch that will not only save us dollars but be healthier for us. 

These goals will not only touch on our food saving but every other item that we pay money for. We are hoping it will be the best money saving and learning year yet. Even though we are in our seventies, we have a thirst for knowledge. We always have and we are not about to stop now!

So I hope you will join us on our journey in 2019 and that you can learn something new too. I hope that we can learn from all of you also. Knowledge is power when it is shared back and forth!

Even though it is not 2019 yet, I will start touching on these goals this week. My Christmas shopping is done and wrapped, our taxes have been looked at so that we are properly prepared for the end of the year, our goals have been written out for 2019, our stockpile for the winter is in the house, and we have more time to do so in the next few weeks.  

Have you set your goals for next year yet?

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I just posted a version of my goals for 2019 as well. I'm still finalizing the budget part, as well as our travel plans for 2019. I may make some updates to the goals, but they are 90% of the way there, I'd say.

Hi Hawaii Planner,

I just read them all and this is a great plan. My favorite is the time with your family. It is all so important. I will you the best of luck with all of them.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I have mentioned some of our goals for 2019 on a previous article you wrote. I have most all of our Christmas shopping done, we just need to hit Costco for a few food things to give to our elderly parents. I will wrap when it gets closer. We got the outside lights put up over the past holiday weekend, but not the Christmas tree yet. I also want to do Christmas cards this year, and will make the sugared pecans I always make. I am not sure if the kids will want to do cookies. If not, I will do some.

Hi Chris,

I do remember your goals. I love that you are giving food items to your elderly parents. I love gifts like that. Yeah on the lights. I am not sure that we are going to do that this year. Between the cold and now the rain and snow, I am trying to convince Hubby to skip it.

I still have my Christmas cards to do too. But I am procrastinating because I have so many notes to write.

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