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An easy stir fry for dinner tonight that I cooked from scratch. Peppers, onions, pineapple and chicken in a stir fry sauce served over rice that Hubby cooked in the pressure cooker. This was delicious.

Breakfast was a strawberry, blueberry, banana and almond milk smoothie. Lunch was a tossed salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot and vinegar and olive oil.

What did you have for dinner?

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Hi Carolyn,

Your dinner is one of my favorites. Yeah on cooking at home. I avoid going out right now because of the flu. We are staying away from crowds.

That looks delicious! I have not had dinner so far as I was at the doctor's office then. I plan to have tuna salad and lettuce and later some peaches.

We ended up not having the kids for a few hours in the evening, so we took advantage of the free date night & went to dinner. One of our favorite local restaurants offers a free corkage, so we brought a nice bottle of wine and split a salad & burger. It was great & loved having an adult dinner, even if the eating out pushes our budget a bit. 😉

Hi Liz, this is Chris. The stir fry looks so good. Sat. evening we had leftovers, Sunday evening we had homemade Skyline chili, and tonight we are going to have naked egg rolls. The way I make them is fry a package of breakfast sausage, then mix that with shredded cabbage, leftover cooked rice and canned tomatoes and cook for awhile covered in the oven. I think I do 350 for 40 min. Sometimes I also add onions when I cook the sausage, and usually just salt and pepper for spices, but guessing you could add others also.

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