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I have had to add a new category to our budgeting. We have always lumped drugs, Dr. appointments, any procedures, hospital bills, labs, tests and dental appointments into one lump category. 

However, since we have no dental insurance, we have had to give Dental it’s own category. Nothing brought that more to my attention than our dental cleanings and checkups this morning. It is just too large to lump in within everything else. Our dental bills yearly have run anywhere from $ 5,000. to $21,000.(the year I got the bridge and two crowns).

So this morning, we each had a checkup and cleanings. I had my yearly X-rays and the dentist filled a very tiny cavity in between two front teeth. He said he wanted to fill it before it got worse and he had the time this morning. I was in shock when we went to the front desk to pay and get our 4 month appointments. The bill for this morning for both of us was $961.00. $ 277. was the tiny filling.  I used to pay with a check. However a while ago I realized the cash rebate that I could get by charging the dental bills on my credit card.  So I always do that now and pay the credit card when the bill comes.

Knowing that Hubby has to go back to get a filling replaced and a possible new crown, we decided to start funding a separate category for dental. So we will start it off with some of the money that we have built up in the medical category and from now on we will fund the dental category with $417. every month. 

We have looked into insurance but it doesn’t pay much on what we get and it is so expensive that it is better for us to fund it out of pocket.

I just wish that dentistry wasn’t so expensive. My dentist is building a brand new building for his dental practice in a more expensive area and hiring much more staff, a new hygienist, and bringing in another dentist. I expect when he moves there this summer that prices will go up again. We really like this dentist but I just wish he was cheaper. Oh well, it is what it is.

While we were there this morning, the hygenist gave us a bag of “freebies”. They are shown above. I wonder if the dentist pays for these things or if they are free to him samples. I may call them freebies but I feel like I paid for them many times over in the price we paid today.

Does your dentist give you “freebies”? Do your doctors? I never had a doctor that did but on this last appointment to my primary he gave me an entire 30 month supply of a prescription drug so that I didn’t have to purchase it. I was very surprised.

Today has been a day of appointments. Hubby had to take his hearing aid back because it is not working right. He just got it repaired by the company that makes it a week and a half ago. Now it is has so much static that it is useless. So back it goes again.

The hearing specialist that he has to take it to is located in a doctor’s practice. He told me that the doctor’s practice was so crowded that he barely got a parking space. He had to park against a huge snowbank. The minute he came in the door and told me this, he said he was going to go wash his hands really well and sanitize them. I just sanitized every doorknob he touched coming in the house, hanging up his coat, etc. I also went out and sanitized the door handle inside and out on the SUV and the steering wheel. The last thing we need in this house is the flu.

I will be making chicken parmesan for dinner tonight. We haven’t had it in a long time. It is Hubby’s favorite. What are you cooking tonight?

I hope you all have a great evening!   

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I think most of the samples are donated to the dentist with hopes that he will promote them and his patients will buy them.
My dentist gives out floss, paste and a brush at each visit. You got a great goodie bag.
Dental stuff is expensive. Thankfully husband gets all his done by VA dental providers. I have VA dental insurance at just $20 a month and I pay a portion of the work cost outside of checkups and cleanings.
We are having salad, chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy for supper. The potatoes needed to be cooked so that’s what we’re having.

Our dentist also gives us about the same "freebies" that you received after each 6 month cleaning. Don't know if he has to purchase these items or if they are given to him. Our medical doctors use to give samples of medicines prescribed, however not in the past couple of years. I asked about getting some samples of a new medicine that she was prescribing for me and was told that they were not getting nearly about the amount of samples that they use to. Penny S.

Hi Out My Window,

Believe it or not he is in sync with most of the dentists in my Buffalo area. I checked with a few others and they are in the same range for the same services. The only ones that aren't are in those Nationwide Dental Groups.

I know what you mean about the dentist. For $130, we get a cleaning and "oral evaluation" by the dentist. With this bi-yearly visit, we get a toothbrush, travel size toothpaste and tiny box of dental floss. One of my crowns recently came off and the dentist charged $110 to glue it back on. We have a dental and vision fund we put money into every month as we also both have to wear glasses now. We've talked about looking for a cheaper dentist but so far haven't done it.

Hi olderandwiser,

Thanks for sharing. Each of our cleanings was $ 177. and then he charges an extra $ 75. each for the oral evaluation. Then I had full mouth X-rays. I had a crown come off and he never offered to glue it back on. He said I needed a new crown. I didn't know they could glue it.

I can't believe what you pay for x-rays and dental exams! I have x-rays every other year, and the exam is probably about $85, not quite sure. I live in East Amherst, but we go to an old time dentist in Kenmore, on Sheridan Drive. His son now runs the practice and prices have gone up, but not anything like what you seem to pay. Sherri

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for sharing. My dentist is in E.Amherst. I wish I could find an old time dentist here somewhere. My dentist in AZ only charged $85. including the cleaning and exam.

I think I will have tuna with MW and pickle relish, all on a bed of lettuce. Grapes will follow. I need to wash the crockpot and put on a hen tomorrow.

I became ill and did not put the hen on to cook. However, I am putting one in the crockpot right now at 1 am…lol. The crockpot has been sitting dirty all this time. I had to lie down after washing it. In a minute or ten, I can stand long enough to put it in, season it, and get it turned on and make sure nothing is sitting or has gotten near it. One day, I turned it on and found a paper plate that had somehow touched the crockpot.

This is a very timely post as I’m scheduled for a cleaning next Friday. When I went 6 months ago, I was charged $203 for cleaning which included routine x-rays. I only go twice a year, so I’m wondering why you go every 4 months? Unless you have a special condition, it just seems like an opportunity for your dentist to come up with a reason to treat something. My dentist does give me a goodie bag with brush, paste, and dental floss, but I always give him back the paste. I only like old fashion Colgate, and won’t brush with anything else. My daughter is a pharma rep, and always make sure to stock her doctors with samples so patients can try the drug before shelling out the money for a full prescription. Now we all know this is to get the patient “branded” for the drug, but that’s another story all together. I’m really enjoying your blog!

Hi Carolyn,

My dentist charges the same amount whether you go every 4 months or twice a year or once a year. The price goes up or twice a month or once a year. So for me it doesn't matter, I might as well go get the cleaning at 4 months.

Yup that is why the doctors are given samples. Fortunately the one my doctor gave me was because I was sick and not one that I will have to be on permanently.

Thanks so much for your compliment. I am always happy to welcome someone new to the blog.

That is just ridiculous to have to pay that much for dental work. It's no wonder so many people (including myself for years) do not go to the dentist unless they absolutely need to.

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