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Frugal Things We Have Done The Past Ten Days

First, a disclaimer. I would have liked to have done more frugal things. However this cold or flu or whatever I have has knocked me for a loop. Both Hubby and I saw the Doctor yesterday and he ordered prescription drugs for both of us. He said I am the worst. So he ordered 2 drugs for me. The cough syrup knocked me out for 12 hours last night. I have not been sleeping so that was a good thing. But I am hoping that I get back to normal over the next few days. I abhor being sick. It gets in the way of all the things I want to do. So that said, these are the things we have done:

– Deposited 4 checks in our savings account at the bank.  

– We have been gathering all of the info and statements we need to do our 2017 taxes. When I feel better I will do those.

– All meals but one have been cooked at home. Last night, I just couldn’t do it. So Hubby ordered and picked up Chinese food at our local cheap place.

– We have been using up fresh veggies that Hubby didn’t eat while I was away so they don’t get wasted.

– I have been doing all loads of laundry in the HE washer. But I am too sick to hang it so it has been going in the dryer. I don’t over dry. If it is a little damp when it comes out, I put it on hangers or a rack till it is fully dry. I always get to it right away when the buzzer goes off.

– Hubby decided he wanted to try to rebuild our mailbox. Working with my son, they determined that the materials to fix it would cost more than a new mailbox. So in the spring, we will get new one. Hubby likes the one with a mailbox and a place for the newspaper. That is what we had. He hates the post and box that the newspaper puts in.   Meanwhile, what the town put in for mail is working.

– I purchased 40 lbs. of skinless boneless chicken from Zaycon Fresh with a coupon code. I got it for $.79 a lb. OOP. It will come the end of March. 

-Meanwhile I purchased 2 packages of chicken at Save- A- Lot for $ 1.59 a lb. to get us through until my order is delivered. 

– I am reorganizing my stockpile to make it more efficient and so that Hubby can find things in it. I always want to know what I have on hand. Rather than write it all down, I am considering a spread sheet. Does anyone have one that works for them?

– I made a loaf of bread this week. I have been craving a sandwich while I am sick. So Keto is on hold while I feed this cold.

– I am making the grandchildren’s Valentine gift this year by filling the nice mailboxes that I got at Dollar Tree. I am buying candy that goes on sale and using coupons when I can. The mailboxes are almost full. They will get sent UPS using my AAA discount and reused boxes from Amazon to ship them.

– I earned a $25. GC for Walmart from Ibotta. I am hoping to use it next week on things I need to stockpile. 

– The do list book that I told you I got at Office Max  is working beautifully for me. I just add things as I think of them and then cross them off when I am done. I just keep a running list in it. Nothing fancy.

– For entertainment, we have watching the new season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. It is so funny.

– My son and grandson will come on Sunday for breakfast as they usually do. This week, I will make scrambled eggs, sausage and some hash browns made from the cheap potatoes I purchased this week.  

– I have been looking at seed catalogs. I am considering growing lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, oregano and basil again this year. I didn’t last year but did the year before. They are things that we use a lot of.

– My organizing has been put on hold because I just don’t have the energy. But I did one whole room before I left for Disney. I will continue with a vengeance when I feel better. I am still only using containers that I have on hand or can get at Dollar Tree.

That is it for now. More in a week or so.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I am off to take a nap.   

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I really need to get Zaycon chicken breasts to pressure can. That is a phenomenal price. Did the doctor test you for flu with little brush up the nose?

Hi Liz, this is Chris. Wow, you have really been sick. I am so glad you went to the dr. We didn't need a lot at the grocery after our trip last week. I am hoping to go to Kohls the first of next week to spend my rewards, I have $25 to spend. Feel better. <3

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