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Planning For Easter

I love Easter, not only because of the Resurrection but because I love having family and watching the grandchildren enjoy their Easter baskets. It also makes me believe that Spring may finally stick around. Unfortunately, my family in Eastern NY will not be able to come this year. So I have already sent my granddaughter’s gift.

However my son, DIL, and West will be joining us. I was going to cook a turkey dinner but Hubby wants leg of lamb. He loves Australian lamb and you can only find it on sale at this time of the year. Instead of paying $ 9.99 a lb, I found it on sale this week for $ 6.49 a lb. I bought 2 boneless legs of lamb. The semi- boneless are on sale for $1.00 less per lb. However, I felt that it was worth paying that $1.00 per lb to get boneless. 

I purchased a 6.98 lb. one for Easter dinner. The other one which I will save in the freezer for a few months was 5.73 lbs. The larger one will feed 5 of us and give me leftovers for the week.

I have a special recipe that I will share with you on how I cook it. I have made this almost every Easter since we got married.

1 boneless leg of lamb( or you can use one with a bone)

Olive Oil

2 Tsps. Salt

3 Tsps. of Oregano

1 Tsp. Pepper

2 Minced Garlic Clove

2 cans of Beef Consomme

16. oz of Tomato Sauce

Brush the lamb with olive oil and put in a roasting pan. Sprinkle with salt, oregano and pepper. Add the garlic, consomme and tomato sauce to the pan. Cover the pan with aluminum foil. Roast in the oven for about 2 and 1/2 hours at 325. I use a meat thermometer to tell me when it is done. We like it medium rare between 130 & 140. if you like it rare then roast it for less time or more for well done. Then thicken the stock for gravy. 

This is so incredibly delicious that Hubby wants me to cook it today. But he is just going to have to wait until Easter.

I will serve this with rice with the gravy on top. We will also have broccoli and a tossed salad. I am hoping to make a bunny cake for West. I used to make one when my kids were little. So if I can find the recipe, West will get one. 

I had a list when I grocery shopped this morning but I ended up buying more than what was on the list. I actually spent $143.97. When I see a good deal on meat that I didn’t have on my list, then I stock. Especially with beef prices going to rise quickly because of the floods. 

So I purchased 2 Porterhouse Steaks at $ 5.99 a lb.
They will get grilled soon. I also saw Eye Round Roasts on sale at $4.69 a lb. so I got 2 (This price has already risen.) Top’s also had boneless chicken breasts at $ 1.69 a lb. But my inventory tells me that I have over 75 lbs. of chicken in the freezer. So I skipped it.

The rest of my order was some more Lay’s chips for Hubby to have with dip while watching the game tonight. I also got some very expensive Delicious Apples because Hubby wanted them to add them into his coleslaw mix. We were down to 2 SF Jello and I eat this for a dessert or snack sometimes so I got a bunch. I got mushrooms to go with the steak and a cucumber for salads.

I had $ 479.54 left in my grocery budget before today’s shop. I now have $ 335.57. I will not be doing shopping for quite a while unless I see a great meat deal. 

I have never been one to know how much money I have in the grocery budget and go spend it all each month. I try to have money leftover to roll so that when I see meat deals like I did today, I can buy a few to put in my freezer and use at a later time. The one thing I hate is having to buy something at full price. So I try to avoid that although it has happened when I really need something for a recipe.

Today has been busy. Hubby spent some time with a pest control company representative deciding whether to hire them or not. They will set traps for the voles that are digging up our lawn, get rid of bee’s nests, and ants and any other pest that we get like spiders. I hate wolf spiders. The rep just came back and while he was gone we did some research. So we hired them for the season.

Because it snowed one more time since our last car wash, I used those coupons to get a free car wash again today. Now all of the salt should be off it until next winter. I also tanked the car up again getting $.60 off a gallon using supermarket points. 

Have you planned for Easter yet? Feel free to leave a comment and share your plans with all of us.

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My Top’s Grocery Haul

I did a Top’s grocery haul this week. I made a list over this past weekend using the sales flyer. I must have been hungry when I made it because I ended up crossing off half of the list before I went to the store. The items really weren’t needed.

Hubby wanted a snack for this coming weekend while he watches the championship basketball games. Top’s had a deal where you could get a bag of Lay’s chips for $ .99 with a Monopoly token that I had. I also picked him up some sour cream to make onion dip. I have plenty of dried onion soup mix in my basement stockpile from a $1.00 deal at Walmart months ago. I also picked him up 4 -12 packs of Diet Coke that are not pictured.

The stuffing mixes and gravy mixes are for when I eventually cook the big turkey. I can’t eat them so this will make it easier to just make a little for Hubby when I cook it and to make more with leftovers. Most of the cooked turkey I will be freezing for future meals. 

I have been taking the time to give myself a weekly manicure and ran out of polish remover. 

Strawberries, eggs, and the reduced fat cheddar cheese were all on sale. Now that I can add some fruit back in to my diet on Phase 2, you can’t have enough strawberries.

I wanted to make a big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce(most processed spaghetti sauce has sugar in it) this week for Hubby. Hence that is why I bought diced tomatoes. I had none left in my stockpile.

He has been so patient cooking his own meals so I decided to make him his favorite, spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. I can have a couple of meatballs in the sauce and some veggies. No spaghetti for this lady. I have a question for those of you who eat healthy. What do you serve spaghetti sauce on? I hate whole wheat pasta. I would love to put it on spaghetti squash but I can’t find one in my stores. 

The bacon is for our family Sunday breakfast this coming weekend. 

I purchased some
sliced mozzarella for caprese salad and some shredded Mexican cheeses
for Hubby’s Tostito snacks that he makes. 

That was it. Even though Hubby is eating some snacks and a little bit different than me, he is still losing some weight which I am happy about. 

My total for this Top’s haul was $ 51.46. So now I have $479.54 left in my April grocery budget. 

Hubby and I are going to take it easy today and binge watch some movies. It is looking like this weekend may be warm, in the 50’s and 60’s, so perhaps we can get outside and enjoy it.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be back next week.  

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A Day In The Life

After getting up really early and getting that one cup of coffee and an egg for breakfast, I got ready to go to the dentist for an 8AM appointment. I just loved dealing with rush hour traffic especially when it had been snowing since Saturday night. Another expensive trip($330.) for cleaning and X rays but the good news is that I had no cavities.

Next it was a trip to the bank to get cash out for April’s groceries and eating out. After tracking spending on healthy food last month, I decided to get $500. for the month. My trial run in March was $800. which got us some items that will last more than a month or two plus let Hubby buy some goodies for himself. I had $ 77.90 left from March to roll into April. So after doing my withdrawal, I had a running balance of $577.90. I will be taking any monies that are left each month and just rolling it into the next month. That way I can build up a balance so that if I find a great meat sale, I can stock.

It will also allow me to build up some monies for a nice dinner out. We are cooking all of our meals right now but I am sure after a month or so, we will want to go out. I have looked at most of the menus for the restaurants we frequent and I believe it will be pretty easy for me to stay on South Beach while eating out. 

Easter has been on my mind since family is coming for dinner. I have a spiral sliced ham and a large turkey in my freezer that I purchased at rock bottom during the holidays in 2018. However, Hubby wants a leg of lamb. Lamb usually goes on sale closer to Easter. I will be keeping my eyes open for that perfect sale price. If it is really good, then I will buy one for Easter and a spare for the Fall.

But I did start getting things for an Easter basket for West. I had a $3.00 ECB and a $2.00 ECB that CVS just gave to me. So on the way home from the dentist I stopped and got some candy to start it. Free was terrific! I am doing something different for my granddaughter. 

Next I went to Niagara Produce to pick up some produce. We are going through a lot of produce these days. I also picked up some cold cuts and free au jus for Hubby. And I shopped at Walmart. Jelly beans are more for West’s basket and some for Hubby too. Hubby wanted wraps to go with his cold cuts. 

I started with $ 577.90 in my budget and after deducting the Walmart and Niagara Produce shop I have a balance of $531.00. I will most likely do a Top’s shop tomorrow since it is Senior Citizen Discount Day(6% off).

I am beat after all of the shopping and the dentist. So I will most likely settle down with a book and my lemon water for a while. Hubby needs to go outside and rake up the glass from our table on the patio. It broke during the wind storm a few weeks ago and he hasn’t gotten to it yet. He started one day but he said it was too cold. So we will be replacing it with a new patio dining set soon. 

The other surprise we got today was a notice from our town that our assessment on the house went up $33,000. for 2019. They nailed everyone in here most likely because the houses were selling the end of last year for 28-40% more than they had been. I expect we will get hit again next year because they are extending our neighborhood behind us. So lots of new homes will be for sale. They started selling them about two weeks ago and have sold 6 so far. I will be happy to have a large home behind us to break up the wind. 

Now that I am losing so much weight, I was afraid I would lose my wedding ring. I almost lost it last weekend. So I stopped and got a ring guard. That will work until I am down to the weight I want to be and can get it made smaller. 

Tonight I will be making a South Beach recipe for gingered chicken and steaming some asparagus. I will make some rice in the rice cooker if Hubby wants some.   

I hope you are having a great day! Have you gotten any great deals lately? Please feel free to tell us all about them in comments.

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A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Well, what have we been up to the last couple of weeks?  We have been hiding in the house except to go to Doctor’s appointments, one trip to the grocery store and to shop for an appliance. It has been freezing cold here and we have been dealing with one storm that dumped 18.5 inches of snow on us and it seems to have snowed every night since. Lake effect seems to be in full force. When is Spring going to get here?

My almost nine year old microwave bit the dust about a week ago. We had our local repair people come out to look at it on Thursday at the same time the cable people came to deal with an issue.  Dan, the repair man, determined that the magnetron was dead. So it is going to be taken out. After paying $86. for the service call, he told us that the new magnetron, service call for the repair, and taking out the old one and installing the new one would be over $300. We said no. It wasn’t worth putting that into a 9 year old microwave.

So Hubby and I went shopping and purchased a new one which will be installed sometime this week. It cost a lot more than the repair but it is new.  I never really thought I would miss a microwave but it seemed like I have needed it a lot. I don’t like heating up leftovers on the stove or in the toaster oven. I was also extremely happy that we have funds tucked away for appliance replacements so we didn’t have to think twice about buying a new one.

On Thursday, I finally went to the grocery store after not going almost two weeks. I am very thankful for my stockpile. We needed a few things since we are going on the South Beach Diet. So I picked up some fresh vegetables, Canadian bacon, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Sprays, Smart Balance, egg beaters, mozzarella sticks, shrimp, and frozen spinach. My total bill came to $ 46.00. So after picking up some sausage a while ago and this bill, I have $160.98 left of my $300. grocery budget for the rest of January. It really does pay to stay home and not grocery shop. Since I will not be going shopping until a week from next Tuesday, the leftover money will be used in February. I will just get enough money at the bank to bring the grocery budget back up to $300.

We got a pleasant surprise yesterday. We were figuring our electric and gas bill was going to be extremely high because of the temperatures being below zero to about 20 here the last couple of weeks. So we were ready for a $250. to $260. monthly bill.  Our bill was $ 221.22. It was $15.21 less than the same bill last year even though it has been a lot colder and even though there has been a rate increase during that year. We used 100 less KWH and 50 less therms of gas. So being diligent about conserving has again paid off. 

So many times, I have told you that it pays off to take the time to write companies. Well look what I got in the mail a few days ago from Chobani. They sent these because I e-mailed them to tell them how much I love their yogurt. Not only did they send seven coupons but they sent a beautiful Thank You note for taking the time to write them.

Other than these things, we have just been cleaning, cooking, watching some movies, and playing cards. Nothing really exciting.
This is what we do in the winter when we are stuck in the house.

My son and West are coming to visit and have breakfast this morning. We have not seen them in a while because of the snow.
West’s birthday was last weekend and I still have his gift sitting here. He is going to love it even though it is a week late. I can’t believe that he is 9 already.  

I really am missing my son, DIL, and granddaughter. I wish that the airline would start up the flights to where they live again. It would be so easy to jump on a plane for 45 minutes and go visit. It beats driving in this weather. 

I hope you are all well and staying out of the cold if you are up north. Hopefully spring will be here in a couple of months.

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This Week’s Grocery Shop

Yesterday was my weekly grocery shop. We are trying to only go once a week. Last week, I sent Hubby one day for a few things at Aldi’s after I had already been to Top’s. He stuck to the list with the exception of something he wanted for $ 2.99. It was a cheap price to pay while I was not feeling well.

So after meal planning and checking the ads, here is what I purchased at Aldi this week. I will not be shopping again until next week unless some really great deal that we can stockpile comes our way.

Have you ever purchased onions that turn bad pretty quickly after you buy them? Well it has been happening to me a lot lately when I buy them at Top’s. So I am now buying them at Aldi. Two lbs. for $ 1.69 was cheaper than Top’s too. They looked great and are really solid. We go through a lot of onions in this household. They are a natural antibiotic along with garlic so they help to keep us healthy.

Besides onions the only
produce I needed were carrots and apples. The carrots were $ .99 for 2
lbs.- a lot cheaper than buying baby carrots. The apples were 3 lbs. of
Honeycrisp for $ 1.99. It is our favorite apple.  

Chicken was on sale for $ 1.49 a lb. I only had room in the freezer for one pack after buying that whole pork loin last week. This is a really good price in our area. 

Whenever I see organic grass fed ground beef on sale for a good price, I will buy some. This was $ 4.99 for the lb. I will be making hamburgers for dinner tonight topped with lettuce and sauteed onions. I will put a few French fries in the air fryer as a side. Leftovers will be lunch tomorrow. I had a package of buns in my stockpile in my freezer so I pulled them out. The next time we have hamburgers, I will make the buns.

I picked up some garlic powder for $ 1.19. We were out.

So the total for all of this was $ 19.83. After this shop and last week’s, I have $ 216.98 left out of my $300.00 budget for the month.

Now that I am shopping Aldi’s more often, I am seeing other items that we need that I don’t normally buy there. I would love if anyone who shops Aldi’s regularly would tell me the favorites that they buy there.

Have you gotten any good food deals this week yet?


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First Of The Year

I did my first shopping trip of the year yesterday. It was just for a few items that we needed. I wasn’t quite up to it but it was 6% Senior Discount Day at Top’s. 

Since I needed to get a whole pork loin for $ 1.59 a lb., I went. We were down to just 2 pork chops in the freezer and this is the best price I have found on pork in a long time. Plus I got an additional 6% off on the loin and the few other items. So 7.92 lbs. of pork loin cost me $ 12.59 before the 6% discount.

I didn’t have enough energy to go to Walmart to get the milk or the saline nasal sprays. So I decided to get everything at Top’s. Bonus that I didn’t have to drive further and use more gasoline. I picked up a reusable shopping bag for $ .69 with coupon. Our Governor is making noise about banning plastic bags in New York like California did. Most of my reusable bags have been given to others so I need to stock on them again.

The milk was a little more expensive than Walmart at $ 1.79. However, I hit the jackpot on the saline nasal sprays. They were much cheaper at Top’s than either Amazon or Walmart. I guess it is worth checking prices again. I paid only $2.77 each for them. It is so dry here in the Buffalo area this winter that these are really needed. 

My total for this shop was $ 21.86. That leaves $ 278.14 for the rest of the month.

For some reason both Hubby and I became ill 3 days ago. We must have picked up a bug somewhere. I had the worst of it. So we did not celebrate New Year’s Eve. We have barely eaten in 3 days. That bottle of champagne that has been in my fridge did not get opened again this year. Hubby is feeling much better today so he asked if I was up to eating any dinner. Since I have managed to keep an apple and some toast down, I told him, “Yes I am so hungry.” So he is grilling filet mignons tonight which we will have with salad. Hopefully, it won’t be a mistake. It was not the way we wanted to end 2018 or ring in 2019 but stuff happens. We are hoping for a speedy recovery and a great 2019!

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Stockpile to Table – Month of May

My stockpile has gotten huge again so it is time to eat from it. I never want the food to expire and have to be thrown away. Wasting food is not an option in my household.

You have all heard the terms pantry challenge or eating from the stockpile. The newest one I have seen in the blogsphere is stockpile to table and I like it. 

So I discussed doing this with Hubby and we set our  rules for this May Challenge. You all know that I budget $ 75.00 per week for groceries for the two of us. This includes food, cleaning products, OTC medicines and HBA. Since I have a stockpile, there are many weeks that I only spend some of it and save the rest for big meat and seafood expenditures.

However for May’s Challenge, we are setting aside only $15.00 per week for groceries. I have so much food that we need to use up so for the two of us that $15.00 will cover milk, produce or the occasional grocery item that we can’t go without. So a total of $75.00 will be set aside this 5 week month.  

We are starting with this week which includes yesterday and today.  I did no shopping either day so I didn’t run out and shop to stock up on milk and produce. We have some avocados, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, onions and carrots on hand. We also have some apples and grapes.

In the refrigerator, we have 64 oz. of almond milk that I purchased last week. I love almond milk on my oatmeal or other cereals. We also have 1/2 of a container(64 oz.) of skim milk that Hubby uses for his cereal and to make SF puddings.

Our pantries and freezers are again well stocked. It is amazing how fast you can stock your supplies when the store has good deals that are free or almost free with couponing and the use of the couponing apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, etc. 

While we are eating down our stockpile, I will still be picking up any free items that we can use especially HBA and cleaning items. Those items can be kept without too much worry about spoilage. 

This is a good month for us to do this challenge since we will be busy with spring cleaning and outside things. We have had a very long winter (snow on Saturday night) so things outside are still very wet. Hubby and I were walking around our property last week seeing how much damage was done over the winter. You really needed boots because you just sunk into the ground because it is so soggy and wet. Hopefully, things will dry up so that our landscaping company can come do our spring cleanup soon.

I can’t wait until it is warm enough to clean the garage of dirt and salt that has accumulated this winter. Plus our SUV needs a good cleaning inside and outside. Our basement can use some sprucing up too. I don’t clean as quickly as I used to since I tire easily. So I will break these projects up into manageable chunks.

Before someone asks, I will be saving the other $300.00 that I would normally spend this month for something special that we are saving for.

I will post everything that we make to eat all month long. To get you caught up, we had sausage, eggs, home fries, English muffins, and coffee for our large Sunday breakfast yesterday. Hubby snacked on some of the party mix that I made a while ago instead of having lunch. I ate no lunch or snack. For dinner we had a skillet fajita casserole which was chicken, rice, pepper strips, onions and fajita seasoning. We eat nothing after dinner.  

I will be trying to keep our meals simple so that we can get our projects done this month. I will try to remember to take some pictures. 

If anyone would like to join in on this challenge, feel free to tell us what you make to eat each and every day in comments.    

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Monday’s Grocery Shopping Trip

I am sharing with you a small grocery shopping trip that I did on Monday. 

One of the most important things I went to get was a whole NY strip loin that was on sale for $ 6.99 a lb. With grilling season on the horizon(if it ever stops snowing here), we needed steaks. We had none left from last Summer and Fall. This price is a $ 1.00 more than last year’s price but beef prices do tend to fluctuate. I think it is probably the best price we will find here right now. I only bought one so that I can see what they put it on sale for later in the season. Plus I need room for the bacon that is coming from 
Zaycon Fresh next month.

I had the head butcher go back into the freezer and pick me out the best one. He is always willing to do this for me. He then cut it into 1 and 1/2 inch steaks which is how thick we like them. One steak is enough for the both of us at a meal. I ended up with 11 steaks.  

This is what I purchased:

Whole NY Strip Loin at $ 6.99 per lb.= $ 76.61( ignore the price on the wrapper- it rang up properly)

8 TicTac Gum – $ 1.00 – Used 4 insert coupons for $ .50 ea. that doubled and 4 printable coupons for $ .50 that doubled= All 8 were free.

2 Tropicana OJ on sale for $1.00 each minus $ 1./2 MQ that doubled = $ .50 each

1- 2 ltr. Pepsi – $ .29 with Monopoly token

2 Truvia Sweeteners – on sale for $ 1.99 each minus $2./1 Printable Q’s = made $.02

I also used a $ 2.00 OYNO Catalina so my OOP was $ 75.89 plus tax. Yes, this is over my $75.00 a week grocery budget but I don’t spend the entire amount every week and have accumulated quite a bit of money since the beginning of the year so it’s all good. One of the reasons that I don’t spend it all each week is so I can buy at the rock bottom prices on meat, chicken, and seafood when I see them. 

The first thing that I did when I got home was have Hubby food saver each individual steak. Then I put them in the downstairs freezer. I can’t wait until it stops snowing here and warms up so we can grill one.

Last night for dinner, I sauteed Montreal steak sausage with some Vidalia onions. Hubby cooked our French Fries in the air fryer. They were so crisp and yummy. 

Today I have my hair salon appointment so I already have a pot roast in the crockpot on low with assorted veggies that I chopped up. After my appointment, I want to stop at BonTon if they are still open and see if they have any of the jeans I wear. They fit me just the way I like them. With BonTon closing, I don’t know where I can find them. So I am going to stock on smaller sizes since I am dieting.

Have any of you gotten any good grocery prices this week on items that you stocked on? Please feel free to share with us in comments.

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A Little of This and a Little of That

My son was visiting for 3 days. He had business in this area and stayed with us. We did go out to dinner one night but ate in the rest of the time. I enjoyed getting up in the morning to make him a nice hearty breakfast. We had lots of fun, laughter, and just generally a good time catching up on things.

Yesterday, my other son and grandson came for our usual Sunday breakfast. He brought a dozen donuts from Tim Horton’s which we all enjoyed immensely. I couldn’t even remember the last time I enjoyed a donut. We also got subs for lunch. This Mama was too tired to cook.

So today it is back to the usual money saving here. It is 8AM as I write this today. I already have a loaf of homemade banana bread in the oven. I had three very ripe bananas that needed to be used up.

I have made my grocery list for the week and plan on shopping later today. There are not a lot of things or deals that I need this week.  

Just a moment ago I cancelled Netflix. We weren’t watching it enough to pay the $ 10.99 per month. Some months we wouldn’t watch it at all. Plus I do not like some of their programming. So that is $131.88 annually that we will keep in our investments. We have Amazon Prime so there is plenty of movies, etc. to watch. Have you checked your viewing on Netflix to see if you are really getting your money’s worth?

I went and did my grocery shopping at Top’s and this is what I purchased this week: 

1/2 gal. milk – $ 2.39- Top’s Super Q which took off $.79= $1.60.  I bought the wrong milk. It would have been $ .88 if I had gotten Top’s milk. The cashier forced the coupon. It won’t be the first or last time mistake I make. It is not worth my gas to go back.

4 Arm and Hammer Baking Soda – $.99 ea. – $.50/2 MQ = $1.96 for all 4 or $ .49 each (Tip: Baking soda never expires.)

1- 128 oz. Tops Vinegar – $ 2.99 (clean with this and use it instead of Jet Dry in my dishwasher)

1 – 64 ct.  Pampers Wipes – $ 1.99 – $.50/1 MQ = $.99 (cheap cleaning wipes)

4- Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes – $ 1.49 each-
$1./1 MQ’s = $ .49 ea. or $ 1.96 for all. (We put these in our salads.)

1 – McCain Craft Beer Battered French Fries – $ 1.88 and I will get back $ 1.00 from Checkout 51.

2- Body Armour Drinks – $1.00 – $ .50/1 MQ’s = Both Free

1 – 59oz. Tropicana OJ – $ 1.49 with T Rex Monopoly ticket. (We don’t drink OJ so I will be making many, many loaves of cranberry orange bread this week.)

My total OOP was $ 12.95 including tax. I am getting $1.00 rebate from Checkout 51. My budget is $75.00 for the week so that leaves me $ 62.05 for the rest of the week.

We only have a little produce left in our fridge: grapes, apples, tangerines, some lettuce, carrots and peppers. So I will be going to the produce market soon to stock up. 

Besides all of this, I am washing 3 loads of clothes, sheets and towels etc. I am using the dryer since there are so many! 

BTW, I promised to tell you about the chicken that I purchased at Zaycon Fresh . I made stir fry with it the other night and the chicken is melt in your mouth like butter. It is so tender. I will be purchasing my boneless chicken breasts from them from now on. I am very happy! Yes, this is my referral link. I do not monetize my blog so anyone who is signing up new I would appreciate if you would consider using this referral link. No pressure meant! 

Feel free to leave a comment if you have saved any money this week.

I will be back soon to finish the 100 Frugal Things List.

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Tuesday’s Shopping

I did my grocery shopping for this week yesterday. Here is what I purchased with my regular grocery shopping money:

– 6 Heinz Ketchup – $3.00 ea. = $18.00 minus B1G1F Q’s = $ 9.00 for all. I know I could get it cheaper at CVS last week. I did get 2 there but it was not worth my time or gasoline to go back for more. It is many miles to drive to it. This ketchup stockpile will last over a year.

– 1 Hellman’s Mayo- $ 2.49 with Tops Q minus $.50/1 MQ that doubled = $ 1.49

– 1 gallon of Milk – $ 1.59 with Top’s Q

– 4 Dixie paper plates (48 ct.) -$ 2.50 ea. = $10.00 minus $ .75/1 MQ doubled = $1.00 ea. or total of $4.00. I use these when we have company only for lunches and snacks.

– 3 Softsoap Body Wash – $ 2.99 ea. minus $.75/1 MQ = $ 1.49 ea.

– 1 Softsoap Hand Soap – $1.99 minus $ $.75/1 doubled = $ .49

– 1 dozen eggs – $ .79

– 5 lbs. of Smithfield bacon – on B2G3F sale = $ 17.98 for all 5 minus (2) $1.00/1 MQ’s = $15.98 for all or $ 3.20 each

Total was $38.53 including tax.

Since Easter is this Sunday and we are having family for dinner, I needed to buy a bottle of wine, a 6 pack of beer, and a Bunny Carvel Ice Cream cake. Holiday feasts do not come out of my regular grocery budget. We have a holiday budget for those special days. As you all have seen, I do not spend any extra for family meals or company most days during the year. But holidays are special and I like to splurge. 

My grandson asked me last weekend if we were having an Easter egg hunt. I told him of course we would. He is very excited! So I spent some money at the market and Rite Aid also for candy. I already had Easter eggs that I can fill from prior years and something that I can use for a basket for him to collect his eggs. Now if the weather would just cooperate. The money that was spent on these items also came out of our Holiday budget as did the Cheryl’s cookies that I sent to my granddaughter for Easter. 

We have a lot of company coming over the next 4 weeks. So if I don’t post on a certain day, it’s because we are very busy. I will do my best to post when I have something that I feel will help you.