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Yesterday’s Attempts to Save Money

Hubby went to the lab for blood work which will all be paid for by our insurances.

I made ham and eggs for me for breakfast. Hubby had some of his homemade Keto pancakes.

We had to replace our reusable cups for our Keurig a few days ago. We bought some stainless steel filter ones which fit perfectly in the Keurig without having to remove the piece that holds the K cups. They are so easy and left no grains in our coffee which was a good thing. Our old ones were very old and were leaking grains into our cups.

The Aqua Systems technician came today and blew the water out of our sprinkler system lines so that they won’t freeze over the winter. It is cheaper to have this done than to replace parts that freeze and break. Many times you have to spend some money to save much more in the long run.

I did a load of towels along with a terry cloth bathrobe in cold water using my homemade laundry detergent. I dried them in the dryer with my dryer balls to save on electricity.

I decided, since we have such a busy week, to get a Walmart grocery delivery. It came this morning. I needed avocados, a 46 ct. box of Slim Jims, some Quest tortilla protein chips, Enlightened (Keto friendly) ice cream bars, a pint of Rebel ice cream, a bagged bacon ranch crunch chopped salad, 2- 24 oz. Great Value bacon, and a bag of angel hair coleslaw. The entire order came to $ 46.93 plus tip. Expensive but cheaper than elsewhere for me. That is really all I needed this week. The avocados were absolutely perfect much to my surprise. And the bacon is the best value that I can find anywhere. Plus whoever is pulling the bacon for my orders really knows how to pick it. It is always extremely meaty.

Dinner was steak done on our outdoor grill. It will probably be the last one cooked out there this year. The grill will be put in the shed for the winter this weekend when my son comes. I added a Caesar salad to our steak and that was dinner. We have enough steak left for another meal or breakfast.

Did you save any money yesterday?

Every Day

Money Saving The Past Few Days

Over the weekend my wonderful neighbor spent hours raking and mowing our lawn. We are very grateful to him for doing that. It hadn’t been mowed in two weeks plus most of our trees had lost their leaves. Believe me when I say it wasn’t an easy job. He saved us from hiring someone. We did give him a gift afterward.

We have always loved Halloween trick or treating. But we did not participate this year because I was leery of Hubby or I picking up any kind of virus from the kids. That would be the last thing Hubby needs right now. However our neighborhood did have a parade with all the kids in their costumes on Sunday. They were led by a state trooper car with it’s lights on and the siren letting everyone knowing they were coming as they entered each different street. Hubby and I sat outside waving to the kids as they went by. We were so surprised at how many little ones there were. We loved seeing their costumes.

The new snow plow driver came to pick up the money for our winter plowing. He told us he will be back soon to put the reflectors on the sides of the driveway where he wants them. He wanted to wait until after Halloween because it seems kids have a tendency to take them. He seems very nice and I am sure he will be reliable. However, my son when he comes for Thanksgiving will tune up the snowblower just in case and teach me how to use it even if I just end up using it to do the sidewalk. I am grateful for that.

Our dinner meals this past weekend were Keto chicken parmigian for two nights with green beans. Each meal was 1/2 of a chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, and Rao’s sauce and 4 whole green beans. Breakfast was ham and eggs and a sausage patty and eggs. Everything was eaten at home.

Of course, our entertainment was the Buffalo Bills game which they won. Go BILLS!

Other than those things, it was a quiet weekend.

Yesterday was Hubby’s follow up appointment post hospital with our cardiologist. He took his time explaining and covering everything and answering all of our questions. He also did not like some of drugs that they prescribed at the hospital so he changed those to give Hubby the best drugs for his condition. I spent part of the afternoon waiting for those to be filled and bringing them home. He also gave Hubby instructions on how to judge how much exertion he can do. The drugs were not cheap( $135.) but that is why we save money.

I have been looking for a good warm sweater for a while now. The one I had was from before I lost weight and is 3 sizes too big. But the prices were too high until I saw this one:

I loved them and purchased a navy one. Not only were they reduced by 13% but by going through her link I got an extra 25% off. I also got free shipping without being an Amazon Prime customer. So my $39.99 sweater ended up costing me $29.99+tax. I think this deal may still be working if someone needs a sweater.

Other than these few things, we did the usual: heat lowered, cold water washes, cooking using the cheapest appliance energy wise, lights off in the daytime, etc.

Did you save money these past 3 days?